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Coach Park Hang-seo “read” Thailand U23 and made a strong statement!

Coach Park Hang-seo: “Vietnam U23 are brave warriors”

After beating East Timor U23 2-0 tonight, U23 Vietnam (10 points/4 matches) won tickets to the semi-finals as the winner of Group A. U23 Vietnam’s opponent in the semi-finals will be the second team of Group B determined after the last match tomorrow (May 16).

Coach Park Hang-seo

Coach Park Hang-seo affirmed that U23 Vietnam will enter the game as brave warriors with the determination to win. Photo: VFF

With the current situation, it is likely that U23 Vietnam will meet U23 Thailand on May 19. When the reporter asked about the strengths and weaknesses of Thailand U23, Coach Park Hang-seo shared his perspective:

“The opponent of U23 Vietnam will most likely be U23 Malaysia or U23 Thailand. Personally, I think that U23 Malaysia has a good organization, solid defense.

And U23 Thailand has good personal skills, breakthrough, good attack. I pay special attention to two midfield players, number 18 (Weerathep Pomphan) and number 19 (Chayapipat Supunpasuch).”

Coach Park Hang-seo expressed his determination in the case of meeting Thailand U23 in the semi-finals: “With a warrior on the battlefield, if you don’t have confidence, you can’t win. I think with a winning mentality. brave soldiers, U23 Vietnam will go to battle and try to win.”

Returning to the 2-0 victory over East Timor U23, Coach Park Hang-seo shared: “Today is a victory for the whole team and it is impossible to say which player is the best. It is important that the players have played the game. I try my best and I feel better than them for that.”

When the reporter asked the wishes of East Timor U23 coach Fabio Da Silva to wish Vietnam to be present at the World Cup, Coach Park Hang-seo closed: “I thank the East Timor U23 coach, but it is difficult to answer the question. There are still 4 years left until the 2026 World Cup, and 8 years until the 2030 World Cup.

The most important thing is a methodical, planned investment process. For me, we need to have a system with stable, cyclical continuity, so that we can achieve our long-term goals.”

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