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Daughter hates math but remembering these numbers about her father makes netizens choke

Recently, the social network felt warm when reading the share of a female friend named Kim Thanh talking about her father.

According to the girl, her father was a teacher of Mathematics. However, she hates the subject, hates numbers, hates calculations that keep her wrong, hates even having to memorize formulas that she feels don’t serve her activities at all. .

She even hated the fact that her father forced her to do mental calculations for 5 years in middle school and high school without using a calculator…

However, as much as she hates Math, she loves these numbers from her father:

“But even though I hate numbers so much, I remember by heart 12 years is enough for 12 years when my father drove me to school and picked me up on time.

I hate Math so much, but I like the way my dad finds advanced lessons at my school and then teaches me.

I hate numbers but I always remember the number of times my dad ate a hot breakfast only about 100 times, but the number of times every morning me and my mother and sister 2 always got my dad to buy breakfast to feed me is enough. .

I hate counting numbers so much, but I remember clearly that there was never a time when my father would close the door early but had to stay up and wait for the sisters to come back from work or play. I hate the math but remember the times when my dad borrowed money from his own father to let him fill up the gas…

And most of all, even though I don’t like numbers, I remember more clearly the first time I said “Dad, I love you” was at my high school graduation ceremony. I also remember clearly the first time my dad asked me, “Do you want me to change the way I talk or something to make you more comfortable?” It’s when I rush into studying offline at school and I talk less with my parents.

The most recent time was this morning, when I called when I went to drink coffee “Happy birthday, do you want to have breakfast, I bought it as a birthday gift”, was the first person that made me laugh all day. now”the girl shared.

Daughter hates Math, but remembering these numbers about her father makes netizens choke - Photo 1.

A way of hanging the prize of the father who is a math teacher.

Looking back at his memories with his father, Kim Thanh suddenly felt bitter at the bridge of his nose when he saw the A4 sheet his father used to calculate the amount of “hanging prizes” when his children had outstanding academic achievements. Although the amount is not much, she is still very happy. Although later his daughter attended a specialized class in Literature, the father who taught Math was still very happy to reward her when she did well in school.

The girl’s post quickly gained everyone’s love. Most people feel choked up when reading Kim Thanh’s sharing. She is very lucky to have a gentle father who has a very good way of educating her children.

Daughter hates Math but remembers these numbers about her father, making netizens choke - Photo 2.

Kim Thanh is always happy about her home.

Everyone thinks that Kim Thanh’s success today is due to a very civilized way of education that refuses. This father’s treatment of children not only helps family love add glue and paint but also encourage the children to maximize their forte.

OLDSharing with Infonet about her father, Kim Thanh confided: “Dad is quite hot, he doesn’t talk much, but wherever he goes he tells the whole family. For me, he is a person that is difficult to make friends because the generation gap is too big. For example, the occasion to eat. After drinking a little more luxury, my father refused to go. I asked him to spend money, but I gave the card to my parents to go out comfortably.

When I dropped out of RMIT to go to my passion school, my mom exaggerated, but my dad kept saying, “Well, he’s young, now they’ve gone to many schools to find out which is right for me. Consider it an investment. The future is worth it.”

My father did very well in school, had 2 university degrees and a vocational certificate, at that time my mother said she was good at studying. Dad is always grumpy and says some harsh words, but he always knows how to hold back so he doesn’t hit me. So I think, the three of us and I are taking a step back to try to understand each other better.”.

Blaming his father for not understanding him even though he was once a child, but when he grew up, Kim Thanh understood that his father was also being a dad for the first time, is also the first time having to “exercise big” without anyone to guide her, her father is just giving her what he has. This makes Kim Thanh love, appreciate and be very grateful to her father.

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