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Designer Thuy Nguyen innovates Thai women’s costumes

The beauty of the Northwest and the love between the couple in the majestic mountains is the inspiration for designer Thuy Nguyen to create the latest collection called “Pink silk”.

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The beauty of the Northwest and the love story of Ban and Khum are the inspirations for the collection fashionPink silk” of the Designer Thuy Nguyen. In which, the pink thread embroidered on the Pieu scarf is the central character.
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Woven from cotton and then dyed indigo, the Pieu scarf shows the ingenuity, aesthetic level and imagination of Thai women, bringing the unique feelings of young girls through embroidered details with sai peng patterns. colorful, sophisticated.
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The theme of pink thread is also reflected throughout in innovative designs from Thai women’s costumes, such as mutilation (short tight shirt with buttons along the length of the shirt), dull (skirt), loose (waist),… both impressive and contemporary.
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Stylized motifs such as ban flower, star deer, 8-pointed star, pair of birds, … are selected and developed from familiar images on brocade fabric of Thai ethnic women.
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The harmony between man and nature is most clearly shown in the main colors, including shades of blue and green, like the same mountains of water and the sky with clouds and waves.
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Blue and green are also two prominent colors that are often used in traditional Thai women’s costumes.
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Dotted between the green patches are pink and purple colors from dark to light, like when feminine and sweet of budding emotions, sometimes passionate and salty.
10 thuy nguyen 878
Yellow and orange colors create more fresh and radiant shades like fields of flowers, fresh for people to be more excited.
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The collection is handled with a variety of techniques, from small beads that spread evenly to embroidered brocade tape on the background of stylized patterns from ethnic motifs in the Northwest region, rhythmically mixing colors and shapes.
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Every little detail is meticulously cared, delicately and separately on the designs, thereby showing the artisan’s imprint on the costumes with national colors.
11 thuy nguyen 881
The lines interwoven between the sturdy of brocade, brocade,…and the floating of lace, satin, …help viewers imagine the shyness, privacy, mixed with a bit liberal and intense about feelings of the girl here.


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