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Doctor, why is my semen lumpy like jelly?

May 16, 2022 10:05 GMT+7

Many young people worry to go to the doctor because their semen is abnormal such as bloody ejaculation, yellow ejaculation, clear semen like water …

Ngo Duc N. 26 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City, went to the doctor because he was worried about abnormal ejaculation. N. said that the times before he masturbated, the water he released was sticky, sticky mucus. However, for a few weeks now, N. masturbating saw semen flowing like glue, yellow lumps.

N. I read on the internet that there is too much information to worry about, is it normal to have such semen? What are the components of normal semen? If sick, how to treat?, in N.’s mind for a few days, there are a lot of questions and fears that his manhood is having problems.

Going to the male clinic, N. also met an “ally” like himself. After masturbating, when he ejaculated, the boyfriend also saw that the sperm was clumped into small lumps, glued like jelly. The friend asked a question on a forum and was told that she had a UTI and should see a doctor to be sure.

Doctor, why is my semen lumpy like jelly?
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Dr. Le Vu Tan – Department of Andrology, Binh Dan Hospital, said that in the process of examining patients, the doctor met a lot of men, especially young people, who came to see the doctor and asked, “Doctor, why is your semen?” I’m lumpy like jelly or doctor, why is my semen so yellow, I don’t know if I have any disease.”

In fact, Dr. Tan said that it is possible that because of not having sex for a long time, not ejaculating can cause changes in sperm color.

For example, yellow semen is caused by not ejaculating for a long time, not masturbating, then after a month, the sperm will be stored in the body and it will not live forever but will die and clot, causing sticky and yellow color. In these cases, there is no genital infection, no painful urination, no need to worry about it because when you have a family, a girlfriend, and have a lot of sex, it will all go away.

In the case of dilute sperm like water, it may be because the semen contains only water because the testicles cannot produce sperm or because the sperm is blocked in the vas deferens. For men, when ejaculation is too clear, it is necessary to go to a male doctor.

When boys enter puberty, the hormone testosterone makes the male body change, such as growing beard, hair, breaking voice. The sex organs have many changes, the penis grows, the testicles become larger. The testes begin to produce sperm from the seminiferous tubules that contain testicular tissue.

A man can produce tens of millions of sperm a day. Sperm produced continuously, are transported from the seminiferous tubules, reticulum tubes, epididymis, and vas deferens and stored in the seminal vesicles. This process occurs when boys enter puberty.

The color of semen will be ivory white, not clear white. The semen contains sperm. Sperm are like fish in water. If the sperm count is malfunctioning such as dead sperm or infection, it will cause yellow lumpy semen to look like jelly. The color of semen changes depending on the structure of the semen to find the cause. The doctor must look from the prostate, urethra, seminal vesicles, and vas deferens.

You can also look at your own semen to see if you are healthy? For example, bloody semen could be caused by an infection. Sex too thick will lead to prostate gland, seminal vesicle blockage and cause blood in the ejaculate. Especially when having sex with psychological stress or unfavorable posture, it also leads to damage to the urethral lining, which can lead to blood in semen.

However, many young people think that their semen is very good because they don’t see any abnormalities with their eyes. Doctor Tan said that the naked eye could not see the quality of this semen, but had to make a new semen chart to give us results.

When doing semen analysis, men take their own sperm and put it on the semen analysis machine to assess the quality, quantity, shape of sperm, sperm abnormalities or adhesion, and sperm health. If you ejaculate with blood, there may be red blood cells in the semen.

Doctor Tan said that all men with abnormal ejaculation should have a specialist examination to find the cause and have appropriate treatment.

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