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Dresses of hundreds of millions of dong with thousands of crystals by designer Linh Nga

The flared, body-hugging wedding dresses are studded with sparkling stones, corset frames… made by designer Linh Nga herself to help the bride turn into a ‘princess’ on the big day.

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Player Duc Chinh and his wife – hot girl Mai Ha Trang have just held a wedding in Bac Giang and Phu Tho. After that, they held a celebration ceremony in Hanoi, inviting many friends, relatives and guests to attend.

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The beauty of the life partner of the player Ha Duc Chinh makes many people admire. Hot girl owns a delicate face with sharp lines. On the big day, she chose to wear 2 models of wedding dresses with eye-catching stone details by designer Linh Nga.

Both wedding dresses were designed and made urgently in 2 months with more than 20 employees. The revealed price for the 2 dresses is VND 650 million and VND 220 million, respectively.

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The wedding dress has a great value due to its elaborate design, attached with more than 20,000 swarovski stones. In particular, the neck and chest of the shirt have more than 5,000 crystals that are hand-woven to create an elegant, discreet modesty. Designer Linh Nga said that these designs are classic combined with modern style. The skirt part is sewn up to 5 layers of fabric to have a natural stretch.

Linh Nga is known as one of the designers specializing in the line fashion wedding dress. She researched and researched high-quality materials and delicate cuts, and the highlight is the waist corset technique that helps to reduce the waist by 5-8cm, the natural puffiness combined with 10 layers of fabric to ensure the buoyancy of the body. skirt.

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Phan Manh Quynh’s wife wore the outstanding design of Linh Nga on the wedding day.

Female designers choose high-quality fabrics such as metallic pliers, sparkle organza, or satin with quality stones such as swarovski, crystal. In addition, flexible designs such as shoulder-off, long-sleeve, or sleeveless,… all of which are easy for the bride to choose according to her preferences and personality while still helping to conceal biceps defects. less slender.

Thuy Ngoc

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