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Drinking Espresso Coffee Can Raise Cholesterol But Only In Men

Many previous studies have linked natural chemicals found in the coffee with level Cholesterol in the blood higher levels, linked to cardiovascular problems, including stroke.

A team of scientists from Norway examined the link between coffee brewing method and cholesterol levels by looking at how people drank coffee and assessing their blood cholesterol levels.

The study examined the information of more than 21,000 people over the age of 40 in the city of Tromso, Norway. The analysis showed that the association between coffee and cholesterol varied depending on the brewing method, with significant gender differences.

People who drink 3-5 cups Espresso coffee per day were more likely to have higher blood cholesterol levels than those who didn’t drink espresso.

Men who drink 3-5 cups of espresso seem to have higher cholesterol levels than women.

Drinking Espresso coffee can increase cholesterol but only in men - Photo 1.

The study was carried out by researchers in Norway. (Photo: Sky News)

Participants who drank more than 6 cups of coffee from the coffee maker had increased cholesterol levels compared with the others.

Drinking more than 6 cups of filter coffee was associated with higher cholesterol levels in women, but not for men.

Research shows that there is no significant link between instant coffee and cholesterol levels.

The authors said: “The most important finding is that espresso consumption is significantly associated with an increase in S-TC (total serum cholesterol). Coffee is a beverage that contains a central stimulant. The brain is the most frequently consumed brain in the world. Because drinking a lot of coffee can lead to significant health consequences, even small amounts can lead to significant health consequences. serum will improve recommendations regarding coffee consumption”.

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