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Eight more people died from COVID-19, the North Korean leader ordered the army to stabilize the supply of drugs

On May 15, North Korea recorded 8 more deaths from COVID-19 and 392,920 cases of fever. (Photo: AP)

This is information provided by state media North Korea said.

Last week, North Korea acknowledged for the first time a wave of COVID-19 outbreakwhich experts warn, could wreak havoc in a country with limited medical supplies and no vaccination program.

According to North Korea’s state news agency KCNA, drugs purchased by the state do not reach the people in a timely and accurate manner.

Kim Jong-un ordered the immediate deployment of military forces to “stabilize the drug supply in the city of Pyongyang”.

Although the North Korean authorities have ordered the distribution of the national reserve medicine, pharmacies are not well equipped to perform their functions smoothly, Chairman Kim stated. One of the shortcomings of pharmacies is the lack of adequate drug storage in addition to the drug display cabinets, while the sales staff are not equipped with appropriate protective clothing and the surrounding environment is not hygienic. standard.

He criticized the “irresponsible” working attitude, organization and implementation of the cabinet and the public health sector.

Eight more people died from COVID-19, the North Korean President ordered the army to stabilize the supply of drugs - Photo 1.

Kim Jong-un wearing a mask checks a pharmacy in Pyongyang. (Photo: KCNA)

South Korea will spare no effort to help North Korea fight the disease outbreak, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol told the National Assembly on May 16, saying that the country is ready to provide COVID-19 vaccines and other medical equipment. other medical assistance if Pyongyang agrees.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which is in charge of relations between neighboring countries, said it would soon propose a plan to assist North Korea.

North Korea’s total number of feverish people has so far reached 1,213,550 and 50 deaths from COVID-19, after KCNA reported an additional 392,920 cases of fever and eight deaths on May 15. KCNA did not say how many people had tested positive for COVID-19.

On the same day, at a meeting of the Politburo to give directions in efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim Jong-un directed to urgently mobilize and promptly supply medicines from reserve sources. national reserve for the pharmacy system, and at the same time ordered the pharmacy system to switch to a 24-hour operating mode.

Earlier, the North Korean leader acknowledged that the COVID-19 outbreak was causing great disturbances to the country. North Korea has locked down all provinces and cities in the country since May 12 to prevent epidemics.

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