EU sanctions or not, Germany still stops importing Russian oil

Sheet Bloomberg Citing unnamed German officials, Berlin plans to stop importing crude oil from Russia by the end of the year, even if the European Union (EU) fails to achieve a new embargo targeting its energy sector, citing unnamed German officials. Moscow.

Source of Bloomberg said that efforts to find alternative oil sources are being carried out by Berlin, and they are quite confident in solving remaining technical and storage problems within the next 6-7 months.

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Germany will stop buying Russian oil from the end of this year. (Photo: Bloomberg)

On May 16, European Union foreign ministers will also meet in Brussels to discuss the next round of sanctions against Russia, EU diplomats have made a decision to delay the ban on oil exploitation. in stages after Hungary protested, Budapest considered the move would do too much damage to the country’s economy.

The government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is determined to promote its national energy security plan as part of European sanctions against Russia for its special military operation in Ukraine, sources Bloomberg confirm. However, they did not say who will replace Russia in supplying oil to Germany after 2022.

According to the German Economy Ministry, Russia’s share of crude oil consumption in the country has fallen to 12% from about 35% before the war in Ukraine.

Remaining challenges include supplying enough replacement oil to a key refinery in eastern Germany that relies heavily on Russian crude through the Druzhba pipeline and operated by the Rosneft company, which is owned by Russia. Kremlin backing.

The Schwedt refinery is currently providing fuel to Berlin’s international airport, most fuel stations in the German capital and nearby Brandenburg state, alternative oil supplies are likely to be transported through the city. Port town of Rostock then to Schwedt.

Oil sanctions and an energy security plan are expected to be discussed on the agenda by Chancellor Scholz next week.

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