Experience the luxury life on a yacht with Imperium Town Nha Trang

Impressive luxury on the yacht

Enjoying a high-class life in the middle of the vast ocean is a symbol of freedom and a different lifestyle. There, the elite can find a full range of experiences from lavish to idyllic, capturing the bustling scene of a modern, luxurious superyacht.

The Bay of Kotor – a UNESCO-recognized Gulf in Southern Europe with a long coastline, a marina anchorage and a world-class service chain. Life by the Bay of Kotor is likened to “an unusual life”. Where sitting on the balcony with a cup of morning coffee, the owner can zoom his eyes through the row of sparkling yachts to the immense river. Surrounding the two sides of the mountain in the distance are dense trees, without roads and buildings. Right below, the pedestrian boulevards stretch, everyone enjoys a relaxed, peaceful life by the river but can still quickly immerse themselves in the luxurious rhythm of life on a million dollar yacht.

No longer a luxurious life in a place halfway around the world, in Vietnam, next to Nha Trang Ngoc Bay – one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, the coastal city is quickly becoming a rendezvous for world class cruises. level, beckoning guests from all over the world to come and experience.

The Pearl Bay cruise from Ana Marina is a special journey that awakens all senses with perfect and professional service. There, each person can float on the ocean, enjoy a relaxed life amidst the vast river. Yachts are also a gathering place for the elite. Joining the elite is a privilege that owners of luxury coastal apartments, near marinas, can soon realize in the not too distant future.

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Experience the high life on a luxury cruise

On the journey floating in the middle of the sea, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the potential of real estate investment in Khanh Hoa, become elite investors, go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity to own sea real estate together. sustainable earning potential.

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Adding a stroke to complete the picture of a high-class life on the Pearl Bay, taking advantage of the proximity to Ana Marina marina, the owner of the luxury coastal apartment Imperium Town Nha Trang begins a unique journey.

Here, the investor Indochine Nha Trang showed his “responsibility” when he officially launched the policy of giving valuable gifts: buying an apartment at Imperium Town Nha Trang, giving away an attractive yacht tour. By the marina, visitors will be satisfied with the performance of the adventure game on the flyboard, combined with enjoying a light party on the boat. When sunset falls, visitors relax on the deck to watch the sun set, then enjoy a romantic dinner with a glass of champagne, watching the whole beauty of the sparkling Pearl Bay. This is a valuable gift that the investor gives to apartment buyers – a gift worthy of future owners of a high-end coastal project.

In addition, to reduce payment pressure for customers, the investor and Vietinbank also offer an attractive financial support plan. Only need to make an initial payment of 10%, customers are entitled to a grace period of up to 24 months from the first disbursement date, but not beyond the time of receiving and handing over the apartment. The investor supports 0% interest from the first disbursement date to the handover date but not more than 18 months.

Apartment owners can choose from many payment methods, divided into 5 installments, 10 installments or 15 installments, thereby actively balancing suitable cash flow or choosing to invest in short-term channels to receive more profits.

Experience the luxury life on a yacht with Imperium Town Nha Trang - Photo 2.

Imperium Town Nha Trang launched the preferential policy “buy 1 apartment, get 1 yacht tour”

This commitment is also an affirmation of Indochine Nha Trang about the reputation of the investor, the profitability of the project, and at the same time a guarantee for the sure investment opportunity of the customer.

“Indochine Nha Trang always wants to bring practical values ​​to every customer. This is not only reflected in the delivery of quality projects for investment or residence but also gratitude programs organized by the organization. regularly”, the representative of the investor Indochine Nha Trang emphasized.

Imperium Town Nha Trang luxury apartment project

Address: 16 Phuoc Long Street, Phuoc Long Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Investor: Indochina Nha Trang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company


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