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Filming with Ly Nha Ky but being insolvent is a sad memory that I don’t want to tell

3rd person is the first movie Han Jae Suk Based in Vietnam, however, this must be a project left to the star Glass shoes many emotions because the default was quite noisy. Specifically, Han Jae Suk initially went to Vietnam to act in films at the invitation of a producer.

This same manufacturer also invited Ly Nha Ky participate in the project as the main actor. Then, when Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk went to Da Lat to film, the producer rushed to borrow money because they couldn’t afford all the expenses. Ly Nha Ky said, at first, the producer borrowed her 6 billion to produce the project, but when the 6 billion was used up, the crew broke the burden because they ran out of money.

Hot interview with Han Jae Suk: Filming with Ly Nha Ky and being insolvent is a sad memory that I never want to talk about - Photo 1.

Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk.

At this time, Han Jae Suk fell into a difficult situation because he was owed wages, and even his passport was kept by the hotel because the producer did not pay. Without a passport, Han Jae Suk could not return home. Faced with this situation, Ly Nha Ky had to jump in to buy the project and become an alternative producer in the situation that there was no way back. Up to now, Ly Nha Ky has spent up to 33 billion VND to complete this film. However, in the first 3 days of ticket sales, the audience’s purchasing power was quite low. According to data from Box Office Vietnam, on May 15 (as of 10 p.m.), the film sold only 1,700 tickets, earning more than 180 million dong. After 4 days of selling tickets (including early screenings), the total revenue of the 3rd guy is 560 million VND. This figure is quite meager compared to the initial 33 billion investment.

Contacting actor Han Jae Suk about the information on the sidelines of the 3rd guy project, the Korean actor has a brief share.

As for the fact that the crew of The 3rd Man has “broken” many times because there is no money to produce, does Han Jae Suk have anything to share?

It was a sad memory that I never wanted to talk about again. With all that is happening at the moment, I just appreciate what Ly Nha Ky is doing to help the film be completed and released in theaters.

Hot interview with Han Jae Suk: Being in a movie with Ly Nha Ky and being insolvent is a sad memory that you never want to talk about - Photo 2.

Han Jae Suk was once held by a hotel in Da Lat, preventing him from returning to Korea. The reason for this incident was because the movie producer was insolvent, not paying the hotel.

It is known that Han Jae Suk once had his passport kept because the 3rd Man crew owed money to the hotel. At that time, did Han Jae Suk have many difficulties?

I apologize for not answering this question because as I said above, I do not want to remind myself of the bad things that have happened in the past.

Did Han Jae Suk work directly with the insolvent producer who sold the 3rd Man project to Ly Nha Ky?

When participating in this project, I did not work directly with the other manufacturer. The director was the one who invited me.

Although the project was entangled in many controversies, Han Jae Suk persisted in staying to complete the scenes. He also put a lot of effort into promoting the project. What keeps Han Jae Suk from doing this?

From the moment I started filming, I had high expectations for the 3rd Person project. While working, it is true that there were incidents, but everyone worked hard, trying to encourage each other to overcome difficulties. Finally, the film was completed and reached the public.

Han Jae Suk’s comment about co-stars Ly Nha Ky and Kim Tuyen?

Both Ly Nha Ky and Kim Tuyen performed well, each with their own color.

Hot interview with Han Jae Suk: Being in a movie with Ly Nha Ky and being insolvent is a sad memory that you never want to talk about - Photo 3.

The actor was very enthusiastic in promoting the film with Ly Nha Ky.

What are the similarities and differences between the character Quang Kha and Han Jae Suk?

I resemble Quang Kha in many ways. We all have families. We are both husbands and fathers. In addition, a very beautiful wife and good children. However, my family is very happy, not as tragic as Quang Kha.

After the movie was released, the audience talked a lot about dubbing Han Jae Suk. Do you think the language barrier: Han Jae Suk speaks Korean, the rest of the actors speak Vietnamese is a huge obstacle in the production of this movie?

I think language is a barrier, but it’s not the biggest barrier. When it is not possible to communicate directly in 1 language with each other, it is possible to communicate in many other things. For example, being able to see each other’s expressions, emotions can then penetrate more than words.

After many incidents happened to the 3rd film crew, this time returning to Vietnam when the film was completed and about to be released, would Han Jae Suk want to say anything to the Vietnamese audience?

First, I was surprised to be greeted warmly at the airport. I thank everyone for the love they have given me. I just hope people will go see The 3rd as a support for the team’s 4-year effort.

Thank you actor Han Jae Suk for taking the time to share! bao-gio-muon-nhac-toi-20220515223637751.chn

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