Google Maps ‘hidden’ the mysterious Russian island

According to Mirror, we are living in an era where people can learn and explore the whole world… at home.

Thanks to Google Maps, people can “visit” almost anywhere in the world even though they are right in their own home.

However, not every place in the world can be found on Google Maps.

Google Maps 'hidden' the mysterious Russian island - 1

Jeannette Island is just a mysterious black dot (in a red circle) on Google Maps. (Mirror photo)

A remote island in the East Siberian Sea, just 3.3 square kilometers wide called Jeannett, belonging to Russia has been mysteriously blacked out, leaving Google Maps users extremely confused.

Accordingly, the island of Jeannette, which is recognized as Russian territory, is only displayed on Google Maps through a tiny black dot on the digital map.

However, despite the curiosity and wonder of the online community, Google currently continues to remain silent about why they “hidden” the small Russian island.

This has given rise to a number of different rumors regarding the island.

Jeannette Island is mostly covered with ice and has a height of 0.35m in the center. An image of the island was provided to Google by the International Barometer of the Arctic Ocean.

This project is made to map the Arctic Ocean. It is not clear why the island has been blurred, however, Jeannette Island has had a rather… thrilling history. Some believe this is the reason the island is blacked out on Google Maps.

Google Maps 'hidden' the mysterious Russian island - 2

The shape of Jeannette Island when not… blacked out. (Mirror photo)

Accordingly, the island is located in the north of Russia, discovered in 1881 during an expedition led by US Navy officer George E. De Long.

The American explorer had hoped to find open water in the Arctic Ocean but became trapped in thick ice near Herald Island in September 1879.

Their ship then drifted hundreds of kilometers before approaching Jeannette Island in May 1881.

De Long and his crew took refuge on the island and took possession of it in the name of America. The island is also named after their ship, the USS Jeannette.

However, after the hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean by the Russian Empire in 1910-1915, Moscow declared Jeannette Island to be part of the Russian Federation.

Today, the island belongs to the Sakha Republic of the Russian Federation and the United States does not dispute this.

Therefore, some believe that the island is blacked out on Google Maps because there is a possibility that a secret Russian military base is set up on the island.

Google often blocks military locations on Maps, including air bases in Germany and missile silos in Russia.

“Google rarely blacks out for no reason. A Google Earth search shows that the island is permanently blurred – even in images dating back to the 1980s.” A Reddit user commented and said that this shows that there is a top secret Russian military base on the island.

You can see Jeannette Island for yourself by going to Google Maps and looking for coordinates 76° 47′24 ″ N 157° 58′00 ″ E. The black spot can be seen by searching in Satellite mode. planet, according to the Mirror.

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