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Hoa Binh people climb to the top of the mountain, eager to see the bikers show off their skills

In SEA Games 31Cycling was held in Hoa Binh province and local people invited each other to see a lot of people, creating a very exciting atmosphere.

Uncle Bui Mai Dinh, a resident of Peace To share: “SEA Games 31 held at home, so we were very excited and pulled together to see a lot of people. From early in the morning, my grandmother cooked a big pot of rice and we finished eating before going to the competition. All work is put away, let’s go see the athletes compete. It’s not always possible to see the SEA Games in person in your hometown.”

Cycling started on May 15 and thousands of spectators in Hoa Binh came to the scene to cheer for the athletes.

General Secretary of the Federation of Bicycles – Motorcycles Vietnamese sports cum in charge of cycling General Department of Sports and Sports Nguyen Ngoc Vu said, SEA Games 31 there are a total of 12 sets of medals (both road and terrain). The goal of Vietnamese bicycles is to strive for 5 gold medals and set high expectations for female cyclists.

People are excited to see the bike race


Mountain bike race track in Hoa Binh


People climb the mountain to see bicycles


Vietnam cycling team There are many talented athletes so the target of 5 gold medals can be fulfilled. We have the reigning Asian bicycle champion Nguyen Thi That and an equal cast of female players such as Nguyen Thi Thu Mai, Bui Thi Quynh, Nguyen Thi Thi, Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong, Vietnam can win the domestic gold double. The team started off with individual women’s and team road bikes.

In the topographical content, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh and Ca Thi Thom aim to successfully defend both gold and silver medals in women’s cross country. LIVE bicycle men’s street, the Vietnamese racer also expected to create surprises for opponents.

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