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In the midst of the noise, the crew “robbed” the fan’s Youtube channel, the representative of Dong Nhi admitted the mistake

Recently, after Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, the singer’s assistant named NVA officially apologized to the audience. This person admitted that he was one of the main causes of the recent noise, so he accepted responsibility and apologized to the public.

NVA explained that, recently, Dong Nhi returned to music after four years of silence. This was a time when she had to face great pressure, causing herself to be so stressed that she was hospitalized and did not complete her work well.

In the midst of the noisy crew

Assistant Dong Nhi acknowledged the mistake. (Photo: FBNV)

“Because I get stressed easily, I always try to avoid the negative things around me by blocking and hurting you guys. That plus the noises that happened in the past led to the relationship story. There is not a good relationship between me and some members of FC Dong Nhi as it is becoming more and more crisis now”, assistant Dong Nhi shared.

NVA admitted that she had shortcomings at work, and apologized to the members of the fanclub vocal “My eyelids are melancholy”. Seeing Dong Nhi and the members of the fanclub suffer, she decided to speak up and accept all responsibility.

This person said: “I would like to first apologize to FC Dong Nhi, who love Ms. Nhi. Because of the shortcomings in work, I have not met your expectations, did not do well. connection between you and your sister and the company.

In the midst of the noisy crew

Assistant Dong Nhi apologized to Dong Nhi and the female singer’s fans. (Photo: FBNV)

Sorry for the delay in speaking up late, leading to yesterday’s incident and leaving you to shoulder a lot of pressure. I accompanied her in the work for not too long, but almost went all the way to being her fan. I have never forgotten the value that made me who I am today.”

Referring to the male fan who posted a forum to accuse the Dong Nhi crew of abusing power and “robbing” the Youtube channel of FC Dong Nhi, NVA also gave feedback.

NVA admitted that it was because she could not convey clearly and fully from her superiors, making this audience angry. Assistant Dong Nhi did not forget to apologize and thank the audience for this audience’s contributions to Dong Nhi.

In addition, NVA also apologized to the couple Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang for voluntarily posting pictures of baby Winnie on social networks amid the controversy.

Her action is considered a challenge to public opinion, “whitening” in the midst of the scandal. NVA further explained: “I also did not intentionally want to whiten anything like people say, just because of my work habits when I go with my baby every day.”

For NVA, Dong Nhi is a friendly, gentle and emotional person, always thinking for others. At work, the singer is an upright, perfectionist and fierce artist. Dong Nhi makes the assistant respect and trust because she always tries to improve herself in many ways to adapt to the “standards” worthy of the star.

In the midst of the noisy crew

NVA uses many fine words when referring to Dong Nhi. (Photo: FBNV)

The apology of assistant Dong Nhi caught the attention of the public. Some people showed sympathy, others were still angry, asking NVA to give up the position of assistant Dong Nhi, to avoid affecting the career of the female singer.

Previously, Dong Nhi simultaneously posted an apology to the audience. Dong Nhi said, the first post related to the noise between the crew and the male fan she wrote when she lost her temper. The post contains hurtful words and inappropriate words. That leads to misunderstandings that make things go wrong, affecting those who love her.

Dong Nhi affirmed that she has never and never turned her back on fans. For her, fans are the second family. The “Crying” vocalist admitted that she was the source of everything, not good enough to make the fans satisfied, the crew not good enough to do everything as fans expected.

In the midst of the noisy crew

Dong Nhi and his wife – Ong Cao Thang apologized to the audience, promising to fix the mistake. (Photo: FBNV)

As the head of Dong Nhi management company, Ong Cao Thang also apologized to the audience. Mr. Cao Thang wrote: “As the head of the company, I am really responsible for letting things get out of control. All the mistakes are my fault. I apologize to everyone for my mistakes. Let the story go too far and be sad like this. Me and Nhi’s companions will definitely fix the unnecessary errors, improve and listen more. Again, sorry everyone. great number of!”.

Although he apologized, Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang continued to receive mixed opinions. In addition to the fans who expressed sympathy and said they would continue to support the female singer, many people expressed dissatisfaction with Dong Nhi’s behavior.

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