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It’s been 3 years without a close relationship

On the evening of May 15, Cat Phuong officially confirmed to have broken up with Kieu Minh Tuan after a period of speculation. At the media meeting, the female artist once told all the “hidden corners” of her long-standing love relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan, including a story related to the scandal with An Nguy in 2018.

Cat Phuong once told the whole story of breaking up with Kieu Minh Tuan: It's been 3 years without being close, because of the noise with An Nguyen, the birth plan was postponed - Photo 1.

When exactly did you and Kieu Minh Tuan break up?

The official breakup is February 14, 2021. It was so sudden, it felt like something hit my head.

What was your reaction when you heard Kieu Minh Tuan say goodbye?

Always stiff. (Here Cat Phuong choked to cry – pv).

When I stopped, I asked why, he said it didn’t fit. I’m funny, I said 12 years but saying “inappropriate” language, it’s too funny. For example, if close friends don’t play well, I try to hold out for 2-3 years. Love, I think it’s been trying for 5 years. And here, 12 years ago, saying “inappropriate” to me was also a bit strange.

But honestly, after An Nguy’s story, I wanted to stop. At that time, everyone turned their backs on Mr. Tuan, the audience turned their backs, and how many shows were canceled. At that time, it was easy for her to turn her back, but at that time, Tuan and I were together for 9 years and I turned my back, I am not me.

When talking about this issue, I also apologize to Kieu Minh Tuan first, because Tuan also doesn’t want to talk about this issue, but if he doesn’t say it, each person thinks differently. For me, I said I had to say it all, if I don’t say it, I’ll be silent.

Cat Phuong burst into tears when recalling the farewell to Kieu Minh Tuan

What about marriage between the two?

Actually, Cat – Kieu has not been married. How many times are you planning to get married, then have a job and then postpone it. Just like that, I think maybe the charm is there, but the debt is not. Even the birth of a child, the two also went to artificial insemination, and suddenly, Tuan and An Nguy’s incident happened, and they were back. To this day, I think there is no karma, no debt to be husband and wife.

Rumors of Cat Phuong and Kieu Minh Tuan breaking up have been around for a long time, there are even videos and photos of the two ignoring each other at the event. At that time, she voiced a very strong objection and also confirmed that she would reward anyone who caught Kieu Minh Tuan with another girl. Why did you do that then?

The simple reason was that at that time all his projects were starting and preparing to be broadcast. I also planned to make it public, when the producer called, when I saw pictures like that, people asked, I said officially broke up. People asked me if I could delay the announcement, because that way the program will be more or less affected when it airs.

Then came Thu Trang’s film project. On February 14, 2022, I was about to write an announcement on my personal page about officially breaking up for 1 year. Suddenly, Thu Trang called to invite me to the movie premiere, at that time she didn’t know what was going on, so I said that she had broken up. The new page told me: “Sister, love me, don’t be like that, your movie will be released on April 14. I love you until May”. Until today is my birthday, if Mr. Tuan does not appear, people will definitely ask, I will always say that I have broken up.

That’s the case, it’s not that I want to hide it, so I have a “trick” of this and that. I am very tired.

Before coming to the decision to break up, did the two of you have any conflicts?

It’s okay to touch it, it’s normal, it’s so small that I don’t understand why he wants to break up. He said it wasn’t right. That’s it, but I don’t know what to do.

After the incident with An Nguy, I really had to review, withdraw myself, live like that, not salty, not like before.

Cat Phuong once told the whole story of breaking up with Kieu Minh Tuan: It's been 3 years without being close, because of the noise with An Nguyen, the birth plan was postponed - Photo 3.

What do you regret the most when you have to come to this decision?

Everyone try to put themselves in the position of Cat Phuong, on February 14, when Mr. Tuan said goodbye, how would everyone feel? I have no regrets, because I always respect people. What I regret is the name Cat Kieu. I created this name to work, for example, I am a producer – Tuan is an actor, or Tuan is a producer and vice versa. In the world, when it comes to people, people will think that it is a manufacturer, an investor or something. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but nothing else. When people have decided like that, I regret nothing.

What about the two’s daily life before the breakup?

What everyone does, they still eat together, just like friends. As for the relationship, I don’t feel like it, just relax. About 3 years before breaking up, they were not close even though they lived in the same house. Say no one believes but it’s the truth.

Women, I think once he did it, there will be many more times. Besides, I also thought many times that I wanted to let him get married. I wanted to speak up but for some reason I couldn’t, until he spoke, I agreed.

That life, everyone has their own way of loving. If this story goes public, Cat Phuong will be cursed a lot. So I also hope people don’t “stone” anyone, but if they “throw” it, all of them will be in Cat Phuong’s head, think I’m the one at fault.

Do you feel you are too disadvantaged by doing so?

Never mind. I’ve been silent until today which means I can handle it too, I’m used to it. It is ok.

A few years ago, the scandal of Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguy caused Cat Phuong to be considered the one pulling the strings. Do you want to say anything about this?

I was silent until today because at that time I was standing in the “heart of the storm”, who would believe it. It’s like “righteous love”, unable to speak out. If An Nguy can read this interview, I also want to know who gave you those messages. At that time the two of them loved each other was real, Cat Phuong did not direct such infamous games.

Firstly, I am not the producer or investor of that film. If I did, I wouldn’t do dirty tricks like this. If the movie I make is good, the audience will come and see it. In any case, I’m not involved, so what’s the point of PR like that?

I don’t know who gave these messages to An Nguy, and there’s not a single line in it that says I told them to love each other. If there is a message saying that I am the director, I ask Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen to love each other to PR the film, then they must attribute me.

Cat Phuong once told the whole story of breaking up with Kieu Minh Tuan: It's been 3 years without being close, because of the noise with An Nguyen, the birth plan was postponed - Photo 4.

At that time, there was a chat group consisting of me, Tuan, the director and a media boy for the film. The director is the creator of the chat group that many viewers say I am the creator. I asked the director to speak for me but he kept quiet.

I’m not sad about An Nguyen. The blame is on those who gave that message to An Nguy. If An Nguyen is smart, he will call me and say: “Ms. Cat, why do you call me and Tuan to love each other to promote the film? And if you want to do that, you have to pay me a lot because when this happens, my honor will be badly affected, because I am the third person to interfere.”. If that’s the case, it’s all gone, I can ask again who told her that. After all, she is still silent, still following, I don’t understand why. Or he can ask Mr. Tuan why Cat Phuong asked him to do this, then Mr. Tuan will ask me. And here, I don’t understand why An Nguy believes someone said and then posted it like that.

I was in so much pain at that time, I didn’t know what to say. There are people in my profession who think that way too. Some friends called to ask me, at that time I was very depressed. I quickly finished it: “Yeah, just PR movies”. So that friend spread the word, saying that I staged this and that.

Cat Phuong recounts the whole scandal with An Nguy

She said that at that time Kieu Minh Tuan was really in love with An Nguy, so in the current situation do you think the reason for the breakup is because of another “third person”?

I don’t know, I don’t need to know. First, they have a “third person” or love someone else. Second, maybe because I somehow made people depressed, people let go.

I think Mr. Tuan probably doesn’t have a “third person”. Perhaps because I was superficial, he was bored and wanted to stop. In this breakup, the fault is mine, not Tuan’s.

Cat Phuong thinks that there is no “third person” in her relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan

Are you two still in contact now?

Still. The other day I called to ask if my car key was broken, he said let me fix it, I said no, I can do it myself. Then many times when I asked other questions, he also answered them all. When I launched the product, he also congratulated me, told me to finish the job and then he passed.

I feel very light. Currently I am happy. It is not correct to say that I threw away the burden because Mr. Tuan is not my burden, but I think this parting is probably the right thing to do, just sooner or later.

Does your son ask about Kieu Minh Tuan anymore?

My son told me: “Uncle Tuan called to ask me how I was studying, do I need to change my ipad, Uncle Tuan changed it for me”. I’m glad he still cares about my son.

Cat Phuong once told the whole story of breaking up with Kieu Minh Tuan: It's been 3 years without being close, because of the noise with An Nguyen, the plan to have a baby was postponed - Photo 7.

The breakup also happened more than 1 year ago, I don’t know if Cat Phuong is currently in love with anyone?

Yes, I’m in love with myself (laughs). Son, of course, he will be a great motivation for me.

If I meet the right person, I will continue to love. I am not afraid of love. Everything is over, when I fall in love, I will love like I’ve never loved before.

Does Thai Hoa’s ex-husband share anything with her when he learns about this?

My son told Hoa about me and Kieu Minh Tuan breaking up. Hoa also never asked me, he must be afraid of touching sadness or something.

Thank you Cat Phuong for sharing!

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