Korean beauties suggest many pretty short hairstyles

Suzy or Yoona cut their hair short, but both still have to give up on the excellence of Kim Se Jeong in “Working Dating”.

Korean stars’ hair is always cared for by top hairstylists. Because the beautiful image is what makes the success of the star of the country of ginseng. If you work hard to update the news in the Korean entertainment industry, you can know which short hair trend is on the throne today.


If the familiar long hair makes everyone as beautiful as the goddess, not all beauties with short hair can keep their goddess style. The “hair loss” stage of “national first love” Suzy is the case that makes seniors and men have to admire and praise.

Suzy chooses for me hair style Classic side parted short bob with neatly trimmed nape. She also did not forget to cut a thin layer of bangs to make her face more feminine.

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Beauty icon Yoona also tried with simple lob hair. She often changes the style of her hair by curling the tail or making her short hair slightly wavy. With the bangs, Yoona chose to have long bangs, often parting in the middle or parting to help her show off her small and delicate face.

Although she has entered the age of 30, every time she wears her hair short, she looks a few decades younger. Her most recent short hairstyle is a perm combined with sparse bangs. The makeup was very light, synchronized with the short curly hairstyle and kept the actress radiant like a young woman in her twenties.

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Sometimes, short hair is modified by curling, curling or dyeing light. No matter how much it changes, it does not lose its inherent youthful beauty.

Lee Hyori

“Sexy queen” Lee Hyori once made the online community admire her new short hair. Still a simple short bob, styled by extremely light waves. Comes with a side-cut, cup-curled bangs that make Lee Hyori so chic in the classic Korean short bob.

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“Nation’s little sister” IU is still very cool with a short haircut. Pursuing a feminine and pure style, IU often chooses short curly hair and very gentle and gentle hairstyles. IU’s hairstyle is very popular with female students because of her pure and docile features. Girls, please follow this goddess hairstyle to beautify your short hair.

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Kim Se Jeong

Short hairstyle Slightly curling the tail of Kim Se Jeong helps her look both young and fresh while hiding the flaws of her face. At times with gentle long hair, when she left her short hair with personality, Kim Se Jeong really conquered fans with her way of constantly transforming her hair.

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