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One hundred years ago, antibiotics were a great invention of mankind when saving the lives of millions of people around the globe from infectious diseases.

However, the use of antibiotics in health promotion is like a double-edged sword. Because antibiotics not only kill harmful bacteria in the body, but also destroy the beneficial bacteria – bacteria that help people absorb nutrients, digest, and stimulate the immune system.

Stemming from the wish “For a healthy Vietnamese digestive system – For a future without antibiotics”, after many years of studying and researching at Tohoku Imperial University, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh – Founder LiveSpo returned to Vietnam to research and develop an advanced probiotic spore line.

They can support effective antibiotic treatment and help significantly reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders caused by antibiotics.

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Before LiveSpo spores were born, there were many types of probiotics on the market and consumers often had the wrong opinion about them. For example, all strains of probiotics are the same, just adding a product containing probiotics is enough, the more CFU the product contains, the better…

However, it is a fact that not every use of functional food products containing beneficial bacteria will bring the body to an improvement in health.

Most of the probiotic products on the market have ingredients from Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria. These strains are beneficial for digestive health, but they are extremely sensitive to light, oxygen, and temperature and are easily destroyed by stomach acid. Therefore, even if consumed in large quantities, the effect is extremely fragile.

“Sweet fruit” after 15 years of study and research

Applying the knowledge and experience gained, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh produces a new line of probiotics, which solves the disadvantages that most probiotic products on the market are facing.

The product does not use the traditional tablet or powder form, but is produced in the form of water, helping the body to increase absorption quickly and optimize efficiency.

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LiveSpo probiotic spores help restore and regenerate a healthy living environment for the intestinal microflora, creating favorable conditions for indigenous beneficial bacteria to grow.

With the ability to survive and grow quickly, even in adverse environmental conditions with native bacteria, beneficial bacteria spores secrete digestive enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase, ..) that are superior to those of bacteria. Other organisms should be able to break down indigestible food, clumps, and dirt accumulated for a long time on the intestinal surface and create a biofilm covering ulcers.

LiveSpo – for an antibiotic-free future

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LiveSpo’s mission is to create a revolution in health care and protection with probiotic spores. With modern technology, LiveSpo always ensures the best product quality to consumers around the world, aiming to take care of health for each person, every home in a safe, sustainable way, “for a future”. no antibiotics”.

Detailed information about LiveSpo at website: https://livespo.com

Hotline: 1800.088808

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