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Love for 5 years can’t come together, beautiful girl Tay Ninh quietly goes to “beg” to give birth

Artificial insemination is a remarkable achievement of scientific progress in medical science. This is a method of assisted reproduction that not only helps infertile couples realize their dream of having children, but also a way that many single women come to have children when they do not want to get married like the girls below. this.

9X Tay Ninh “begged for seed” to give birth to a child

Ngoc Tram (31 years old, living in Tay Ninh) is currently a single mother, raising her nearly 3-year-old daughter by herself. However, she did not come out of a broken marriage or pregnant and then abandoned, but being a single mother is completely proactive. She went on her own to ask for sperm, perform artificial insemination to conceive and give birth to a daughter.

Love for 5 years could not come together, beautiful girl Tay Ninh quietly went to beg to give birth - Photo 1.

Ngoc Tram is a single mother living in Tay Ninh.

Ngoc Tram said she previously had a sweet love affair lasting 5 years. He is too good a man in her eyes, also the one who makes her want to get married and have children like so many other girls. Then, after a long distance love, the geographical distance made the young couple’s feelings gradually fade over time. It was from that day that the thought of not getting married was rekindled in the young girl’s mind.

Tram said: “I decided to become a single mother at the age of 25, after 2 years of psychological preparation, at the age of 27, I had a baby. The reason why I became a single mother is not because I broke up in my marriage or was abandoned by someone during my pregnancy, but this is my decision and choice. Partly because from a young age, I witnessed the unhappy marriage of my parents, so I also thought a lot about asking for sperm in the future and becoming a single mother.”

Along with that, Ngoc Tram also knew that she had surgery for an ovarian cyst, the chance of pregnancy was only 35%, so she hesitated to get married and then could not have children and had conflicts. Making such a decision, 9X spent time researching artificial insemination information in books and medical media channels. She hid her mother and only let her sister know her intentions.

Love for 5 years can't come together, beautiful Tay Ninh girl quietly asks to give birth - Photo 2.

She had procedures for sperm and in vitro fertilization to get pregnant.

After 2 years of raising the dream, finally the good news came. Tram was pregnant in October 2018, recalling the time when she knew she was pregnant, her mother said:The first time I went to the antenatal clinic, I felt very excited, and then the day of motherhood also came to me, lying on the ultrasound bed, I kept smiling. When the doctor pointed to the small black lump that was a baby, I suddenly burst into tears, unspeakably happy.”

When she was pregnant for the first time, Tram was a very caring person, so she took care of herself very carefully, she went online to find out and consult pregnant mothers to eat in the best way, to limit the impact on the baby in the belly. Whenever she craves for something, she eats it without worrying about being fat or ugly, as long as the baby is healthy.

Tram hid his mother completely. She thought that if she knew about her mother and the people around her, she would raise a lot of questions. However, the day she announced that she had gone through artificial insemination and had a baby, her mother broke down in happiness, unable to hold back her emotions, and burst into tears.

Love for 5 years can't come together, beautiful Tay Ninh girl quietly goes to beg to give birth - Photo 3.

Until the pregnancy was successful, Ngoc Tram told her mother.

And then 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy passed, the young mother welcomed her first child. Until now, Ngoc Tram is still a father and fulfills her duty as a mother. She also did not hesitate to say that she was not worried about the problem of being both a father and a mother, even less afraid that the baby would ask about her father. Because not only her family but also everyone in her small village loves Gao very much. She believes that with everyone’s love, it is possible to compensate for the love of a father.

Talking about personal happiness, currently, Ngoc Tram still has no intention of approaching anyone even though many people understand the situation and want to stick. She also frankly shared that she does not advocate being a single mother, but for young people no matter what choice they choose, they need to look at the reality of life so that they do not regret what they do.

Love for 5 years can't come together, beautiful girl Tay Ninh quietly asks to give birth - Photo 4.

The young girl is currently happy with her choice.

Model buys sperm to give birth to 3 children

Not only in Vietnam, a model in China not long ago also attracted attention when sharing her own experience of being pregnant and giving birth. Her name is Ly Tuyet Kha and is currently a single mother of 3 children. This long leg said that she had experienced many incomplete love affairs, plus psychological obsession because her mother divorced from a young age, so she did not want to get married. However, Tuyet Kha still cherishes the dream of becoming a mother.

To fulfill her wish, at the end of 2018, Tuyet Kha went to Thailand for three months. She chose a medical facility for IVF, the sperm taken from a British man was carefully selected. She implanted three embryos at once and all were successful. To avoid miscarriage, during pregnancy, Tuyet Kha injected more than 140 progesterone shots. As a result, she gave birth to 3 mixed-race babies, two boys and a lovely, plump girl.

Love for 5 years can't come together, beautiful Tay Ninh girl quietly begs to give birth - Photo 5.

Tuyet Kha became pregnant and gave birth to three Western children after going to Thailand to buy sperm.

After giving birth, the model fell into a short depression: “I feel like a breastfeeding machine. Every day, three children cry, fight each other for their mother to hug, one is hugged, the other is held. cry and cry”. Moreover, the cesarean section left her with a large scar on her abdomen, an ugly image that worried and frightened her. To remove the scar, she had to go to many treatments but the effect was not obvious. After that, she gradually accepted reality, accepting the role of being both a mother and father of three children.

Ly Tuyet Kha said that the cost of raising three children a month is currently nearly 100,000 yuan (about 350 million VND), the cost of hiring three nannies alone is 20,000 yuan. The former model plans to send her three children to a private nursery in Hangzhou, which costs about 1 million yuan a year. Thanks to her savings, she now has enough money to pay for and take care of three children.

Love for 5 years can't come together, beautiful girl Tay Ninh quietly goes to beg to give birth - Photo 6.

Currently, she is a single mother, taking care of her children by herself.

After sharing her story, Tuyet Kha was criticized by many people for choosing to give her three children a defective home without a father. However, the model frankly replied that many irresponsible fathers would rather have none. She commented: “If the father is not good to the mother, the children are also affected. So, surely the father is important?”. She said that if her children grow up wondering about their father, she will explain it to them.

The process for single women to ask for sperm for fertilization

Because of their economic conditions, the above two mothers are not afraid to spend a lot of money to “buy seeds” and become pregnant alone. However, in fact, the single sister association can completely fulfill this wish at a cheaper cost when asking for donor sperm from the bank.

In Vietnam, there have also been cases of single women wishing to ask for sperm to have children by themselves. According to Doctor Do Thuy Huong – Center for Reproductive Support and Tissue Technology, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, the majority of women who come to ask for sperm for in vitro fertilization are those who want to be single or single mothers. Married woman but husband has no sperm.

Dr. Huong said: “Most women do not want to be legally bound. It is quite safe to ask for sperm from a bank because 90% of sperm samples at the Center are donated from students of Hanoi Medical University. Since the beginning of the year, more than 40 single mothers have come to the center to ask for sperm samples for in vitro fertilization, the success rate depends on the mother’s age and egg quality. , the success rate is very high”.

Experts shared, women who want to apply for sperm need to have a bachelor’s certificate and some documents such as an identity card. After completing the procedure, the doctors will assess the general health status, evaluate the ovarian reserve. The patient was injected with ovulation medication. Sperm taken from the bank will be thawed to create an embryo. Sperm samples ensure anonymity, screening for infectious diseases. After the embryo is cultured, it is transferred to the woman’s uterus.

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