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Love long skirts but afraid of being drowned in height, here are 3 magic hacks for girls 30+

The designs of long skirts sometimes make women afraid of being drowned in height if they accidentally choose an inappropriate design. But the fact that long skirts are not difficult to conquer, it is not difficult to choose the most flattering design for you.

If you want to wear the most flattering long skirt, you only need these three key points to make sure that every woman has a slimmer waist and a taller figure.

1. Pay attention to the material of the skirt

When choosing a long skirt in the summer, the most important thing that women need to pay attention to is the material. If you want a chic and haughty look, a chiffon, silk, and satin dress design is the best choice right now.

skirt - Photo 1.

If the chiffon skirt brings a youthful look, the silk skirt makes the office lady more elegant and luxurious. Especially the office lady over the age of 30, the soft silk skirt will be more suitable than a fluttering chiffon skirt design.

2. Pay attention to the design of the skirt

All the designs that are too puffy, layered… just make your body more round and short. If you want to have a slim waist, it is best for you to ignore these types of skirts.

The most flattering shape is the standing skirt with a slit that reveals the legs. The gentle slit not only creates a subtle gap, adding a sexy touch to the girls, but also cleverly hacks long legs, very suitable for girls of modest height.

skirt - Photo 2.

3. Pay attention to the “version” of the skirt

Finally, women should also pay more attention to the choice of “version” of the long skirt. “Version” here means some variation of the long skirt you’re wearing.

The same design of a skirt with a standard slim waist, but with a high-waisted “version” with a gentle slit, it will certainly be much more flattering than a “full” basic design. Not to mention a few highlights also help women look a few years younger when wearing skirts.

skirt - Photo 3.

But if you have a leg weakness, please switch to a gentle A-line midi skirt design. Choose designs with zippers instead of elastic waistbands if you want to hide your not-so-thin waist, a few small touches but still enough to hack your slim figure, hide your disadvantages so that you are always charming and beautiful. to the office this summer.

skirt - Photo 4.

The most flattering combination for a long skirt design

Simple skirt + t-shirt

A perfect combination in the summer is a t-shirt + skirt. A clean, simple design will merge this time. A tight-fitting T-shirt that can add shoulder pads or a gentle V-neck is the most flattering design for women over 30 when combined with long skirts.

skirt - Photo 5.

Long skirt + shirt

Shirts and midi skirts are a duo that is very much loved by office women. The gentle and elegant beauty that the couple brings is an endless inspiration for the sisters to create more new styles of mixing. If the T-shirt needs to be streamlined, then with the shirt alone, whatever style you choose to combine with the skirt is also beautiful enough.

skirt - Photo 6.

Simple white shirt or shirt with personality motifs, basic shirt shape or sweet stylization… all can be worn with a skirt to get an absolutely elegant outfit.

In addition, the girls can wear long skirts with three-hole tops, cool two-piece tops to go down the beautiful street throughout this summer.

Long skirt matching skills: Choose overall tone

The combination of uniform tones shows harmony and unity for the overall set. This combination is not only quick, but also creates an elegant and elegant appearance for the wearer.

skirt - Photo 7.

Long skirt combination skills: Top slim – lower bottom

This style of mixing can be applied to all types of skirts, especially with long skirts. Combining the same design with a slim-fit shirt or a neat shirt and skirt, creating the effect of a slim waist, women look slimmer and more balanced.

skirt - Photo 8.

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