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Misunderstanding about growing bonsai, don’t think it’s okay to put a few plants in the house

The planting of a few pots trees indoors has negligible effects on humans, especially in relation to the release of oxygen or carbon dioxide. A pot trees whether photosynthesis or respiration has an extremely limited, almost negligible impact, let alone the absorption of noxious gases.

Trees How does it affect indoor air?

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Only if you create “forest” trees This is how it affects the air in your home.

Of course, don’t plant too much trees in the bedroom. If you create a “tropical forest” in the bedroom, it will definitely affect your sleep and health. , will certainly affect humans.

I believe many people love trees know that plants perform respiration at night, at this time plants will absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

During the day, if you are exposed to the sun trees photosynthesis, oxygen release and carbon dioxide absorption.

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For trees large, dense foliage, you should plant it outside the house.

But lovers trees need to understand one thing, though trees During respiration or photosynthesis, the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide that can be produced is very small.

We only need to open the window for a few seconds and the impact of the trees will change. Should say a few trees In the bedroom is harmful, it is not right.

Lazy care trees the air is even more polluted

The planting of some trees lush green plants with tall stems or strong leaves at home, providing enough sunlight for them to grow lush, healthy, can indeed produce a certain air purifying effect, and also have beneficial to human health.

However, some growers trees do not pay attention to planting trees, making the environment around the tree or tree very dirty. Specifically, around letting water stagnate, dropping dirty soil that is not cleaned in time, standing water on pots…

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A pot trees Impressions make your living room more beautiful

If the area around the tree is constantly wet, the soil and the tree will be infected with diseases such as aphids, mold, etc. At the same time, the roots trees also waterlogged, root rot… Not only that, standing water will create a “nest” for mosquitoes to lay eggs, hatch to throw, hatch into mosquitoes… very harmful to human health.

Job trees Having fungal diseases and harmful insects will affect people such as breeding black flies, flying everywhere, and can even bite people, especially children, causing trouble.

In such a lack of care, trees can’t grow well on their own, let alone filter the air, keeping the homeowner healthy.

You plant trees to watch or to be good for health?

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Remember to take care trees be clean, lush for them to work

You will gain a lot of experience in the process of planting trees in the home. Not only help you have a few pots trees beautiful to watch to relax the soul, “detoxify” the eyes after many hours of looking at the computer and taking care of them trees Daily also has the effect of making the mood more comfortable and less stressful.

However, if you decide to plant trees To purify the air, filter dust and harmful substances, additional investment must be made. Just bringing a few pots of small plants home won’t work. Few trees too small, their ability to purify the air is almost negligible.

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