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Movies starring Han Jae Suk have limited screenings, Ly Nha Ky plays loudly and invites the audience to watch

On the afternoon of May 14, actress and producer Ly Nha Ky with the stars The 3rd Man including the male gods Han Jae Suk, Kim Tuyen, Hoang Khoi … have just organized a cinetour to exchange, listen to suggestions as well as send sincere thanks to those who have supported the work.

On May 13, due to a heat stroke due to the harsh summer weather of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to 2 days of participating in promotional activities at full capacity, actor Han Jae Suk was forced to cancel press interviews and exchanges on livestream. Although his health is still quite weak, he still insists on going to the cinetour to meet the audience. “I’m very sorry to the reporters and the media team for seriously affecting everyone’s plans. I don’t know what to say other than that I will try my best to support Ky and the crew during the cinetour,” the star said. Glass shoes confided.

At the first theater, Ly Nha Ky was extremely surprised when she discovered that many young people still did not know the news The 3rd Man premiered. Because she was so sad, she immediately covered the screening at 17:10 and invited everyone to enjoy the brainchild. “Everybody who reads the password ‘The 3rd at 17:10’ will get free tickets! Ky wants to prove this work is worthy of support. After watching, just write a few short comments for Ky to help Ky. but being objective is enough,” the actress frankly expressed.

Ly Nha Ky covers the entire theater to invite the audience to watch the movie

In another cinema, Ly Nha Ky sut was in tears when viewers shared that, because the movie had quite a few slots and was classified by the theater in a bad time frame, they initially planned to look for another work instead. The 3rd Man. Before the candid comments from the audience, the actress announced that she would spend her own money to ask the theater management to open more beautiful screenings for the film. In addition, she will also come back here tomorrow night to continue communicating and check the situation.

“Actually, I was also quite sad when I heard that The Third Man had few screenings. Although I don’t place much emphasis on the revenue issue, I still hope the theater side will open more slots so that this work can reach more credits. movies,” said Ly Nha Ky.

Belonging to the romance genre combined with fantasy elements, The 3rd Man The story revolves around painter Quang Kha’s attempt to change his destiny in order to prevent the accident that took his wife’s life in the past. The work is directed by director Park Hee Joon, released in Vietnam by BHD and gathered the cast including Ly Nha Ky, Han Jae Suk, Kim Tuyen, Xuan Nghi, Hoang Khoi, Hoang Phuc… The film has officially been released. theaters on May 13, 2022.

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