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My fiancé “turns the car” because of the 3rd person

My husband and I have known each other for 7 years. When I first met, I was working as the head of the accounting department of a company. And he worked in an office, his monthly salary was not yet 10 million VND. A few months after we got to know each other, we became closer.

Every time we meet, he often takes me around the streets. We rarely go to restaurants. I also feel comfortable because I’m afraid that he has to pay for going out to eat all day, while the income is not high. Many times I offered to pay but he refused.

The two have been in love for a while and have determined their feelings for each other, so they will debut with their relatives. Because of the “long needle” year, the whole family told us to hold the wedding next year. Then at that moment, he quit his job and stayed at home without doing anything.

Depressed, he gambled again, so he owed a lot. The debt at that time fell to 500 million dong. I was very shocked by these things, but I think it was also because he was depressed because he lost his job, so he played around and was in debt. He was depressed about himself with a huge amount of debt, and I couldn’t help but be by his side to encourage him. However, this time for me, I feel very happy because I am with you. I shared with him to pay off the debt.

And then his best friend invited him to open a company selling products abroad. Even though he wanted to do it, he didn’t have the capital. I joined him again to collect some capital to work together with a friend. At first, there was a lot of loss, but then it stabilized very quickly because in the field we do make money quickly, but your friend has experience. Nearly 1 year of expansion, the company has grown stronger. His monthly salary also falls into more than 50 million. I was very pleased.

Indeed, when he spoke, I did not think that with such a large amount of debt, he quickly arranged to pay it back. Everything is fine, I just discussed with him about sharing a house. I still believe that after everything we’ve been through together, we’ll definitely get married. However, recently, I feel my lover is much different than before.

At first, I still thought it was because the company’s work was busier recently because it had just developed a new branch. He rarely texts or calls me. He also rarely meets, but mainly spends time drinking with friends. Then I found out that he met and fell in love with my best friend in high school.

Falling in love from the time of heavy debt, on the day of marriage, the fiancé suddenly


I didn’t believe what I knew until… received your text. That day I unfortunately fell off my car on my way home from work. In my weakest moment, I was determined to call him, but he didn’t answer. Even though my leg still hurts after falling, I don’t understand why on the way back, I keep staring at his house without realizing it. Standing outside the door, I called and he didn’t answer the phone.

I then texted him, but the result was only an apology from him. I thought he was sorry because he didn’t pay attention to me recently, but unexpectedly he apologized because he said he had lost his love. with me. It was extremely painful because it was almost the wedding day but my lover “turned the car”, I didn’t know what to do. He blocked calls and blocked even on social networking sites…

I still love you very much. Now what should I do. Many times I was going to text the other sister to let her know that I was the third person to break other people’s happiness, but then I pondered whether doing so would keep his feelings. Now how do I get out of this phase?.

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