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Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum – the ‘golden key’ to help children increase their resistance significantly

In the first years of life, children need to increase nutrition to improve the body’s resistance. Colostrum supplementation is an effective solution that many mothers trust to help their children stay healthy, less prone to illness or minor illnesses.

Colostrum – a good but rare source of natural antibiotics

According to scientific studies, compared with normal milk, colostrum has 10 times higher protein content. It is also the basic building block for cells and organs in the body. In addition, many vitamins A, E, B2, B3, K… present in colostrum contribute to promoting the child’s comprehensive physical and mental development. Therefore, colostrum is known as a natural antibiotic, creating a strong “defense barrier” to help protect the health of young children.

“Colostrum contains many antibodies, white blood cells and many immune properties. This is a mechanism to help children perfect and enhance the function of the immune system, helping to prevent many different types of infections such as respiratory and digestive tract infections. BS.CKI Tran Thi Minh Nguyet, Director of the Nutrition Research Institute of Ho Chi Minh City (NRI) said.

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Colostrum is an important ingredient for children to have healthy resistance and outstanding development

The source of colostrum for the baby in the first 1-2 days after birth, along with the immunity from the mother, is usually enough to protect the baby for the first 6 months after birth. However, from the 7th month onwards, the amount of protective antibodies decreases, children are more exposed to the outside environment, so the risk of bacterial infections is also higher. Therefore, the period from 6 months to 3 years old is considered an “immune gap”, children need to strengthen their immune system to help them develop healthy.

Hai Vy (living in Dong Da, Hanoi), a mother suffering from frequent illness, helplessly lamented: “Perhaps my baby was born prematurely and couldn’t drink colostrum, so every time the weather changed, he caught a cold, cough, runny nose and started crying, making the whole family struggle. I have to take my baby to the doctor almost every month. At times like these, I love him very much and wish he had better resistance.”

Faced with the scarcity of milk known as the “golden drop”, the world’s leading nutritional brands have researched and launched foods rich in IgG antibodies from colostrum, including products Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum (Yellow).

“Golden key” to help children increase their resistance dramatically

Although it has just been launched, Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum (Yellow) is receiving special attention from Vietnamese mothers because it is the latest product of Vietnam’s No. 1 baby milk brand for 3 consecutive years (from 2019 to 2021).

Specially formulated by the Swedish Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS), in addition to colostrum, this dairy product also inherits the exclusive FDI formula platform clinically certified by the National Institute of Nutrition, bringing clear effects. significantly with the condition of Vietnamese children after 4 months of use.

“We use the main ingredient of 100% 24-hour colostrum imported from the US because this milk has many times higher nutritional content and IgG antibodies than other types of colostrum. Besides, the FDI formula in milk provides a second supplementary source, helping to double the child’s resistance.” Nutifood Swedish nutritionists “revealed” the recipe.

Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum - the 'golden key' to help children increase their resistance significantly - photo 2

24-hour colostrum with FDI formula platform helps children double their resistance

The FDI formula is built from the perfect combination of HMO and FOS/Inulin to help children build a foundation of “healthy resistance – good digestion”. In particular, FOS/Inulin is a soluble fiber combined with HMO, an ingredient that contributes to nourishing beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, helping children build a solid digestive foundation for maximum absorption of nutrients. Clinical experiments show that this nutrient duo reduces the rate of anorexia children by 74.6% and the rate of children with constipation by 77.8%.

Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum (Yellow) also contains calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin D3 to help form strong bones and teeth for children to grow in height. The substances DHA, lutein, iodine will support the development of vision and brain of children. This is an important foundation for children to develop their stature and brain in the first 1,000 days of life.

Products are manufactured and imported 100% from Sweden.

It can be said that, with the effective support of “nutritionist” Nutifood GrowPLUS + Colostrum (Gold), from now on, mothers will feel more secure because their children have a solid resistance foundation for healthy development. Tall and exceptionally intelligent.

Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum - the 'golden key' to help children increase their resistance significantly - photo 3

Nutifood GrowPLUS+ Colostrum (Gold) quickly gained the trust of many Vietnamese mothers thanks to its outstanding advantages

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