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On the wedding day, my mother-in-law gave me 4 SJC gold trees, but what she did after that made me dizzy

May 16, 2022 10:00 GMT+7

At the wedding, the guests all cheered when the mother-in-law brought 4 gold trees on stage and gave them to me as a wedding gift.

Quan and I work together in a corporation specializing in information technology but in different departments. During a year-end party, we had the chance to meet and become lovers.

Quan is 4 years older than me, tall, has a good income and especially knows how to take care of his lover. So I really appreciate and want to go further with him.

On the day Quan took me home to meet his family, I loved his parents very much. His family is well-off, has food to eat and especially his mother behaves skillfully, so it also makes me feel secure.

Half a year after that debut, we decided to get married. Because he is the only child in the family, his mother has prepared a great deal. She wanted our wedding to be the brightest in the neighborhood, admired by many.

His family booked a party at a 5-star restaurant, looking at the menu, I was a bit shocked. I don’t want people to look at me and think I’m showing off so I told my husband, but he likes it.

Mother-in-law also said once in a lifetime, how to be as majestic as possible. My parents and relatives are also very happy that their daughter is getting married to a prominent family.

On the wedding day, the mother-in-law went on stage to announce to her daughter-in-law that the wedding gift was 4 SJC gold trees, surprising all the guests. I am also secretly glad to be married into a family with such conditions.

However, that feeling quickly passed until the guests left, I had to change my dress, roll up my arms and do many things.

On the wedding day, my mother-in-law gave me 4 SJC gold trees, but what she did after that made me dizzy

The day after the wedding, my mother-in-law urged me to open the envelope to see how much money I could get, and then told me and my wife to pay for the wedding ceremony with the restaurant. She said that when we marry, our grandparents only help with the organization and we have to take care of our own money.

So my wife and I opened the envelopes and it was not enough to pay for the wedding reception for the hotel, so I had to take more of the couple’s savings to pay.

2 days after the wedding, which was supposed to be my honeymoon, I went out to clean the house and cook for my husband’s family. Fortunately, seeing that I worked hard, my husband also went to work with me, but I did not know when I did it alone.

And yet, that night, when she was about to go to bed, her mother-in-law quickly knocked on the door of the room. I thought something was wrong, she told her to ask for the gold that we gave us on the wedding day.

When I was still surprised by what my mother-in-law said, she said that because she wanted to look good, she borrowed the gold from a friend who gave it to me and now must return it.

It turns out that all the wealth of the mother-in-law trying to show the world is just for the sake of color, but in fact my mother-in-law has nothing.

I gave the gold to my mother, stunned by the reality, and my husband just encouraged her that she probably only wanted what was best for us.

I don’t understand how can my mother-in-law behave like this without telling me first? I didn’t ask for anything but you borrowed gold like that?

In the following days of living together, I don’t know if I can be at peace with a mother-in-law who is used to this virtual life.

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