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Products that support livestream or product review

Recently, livestream is becoming more popular thanks to creative and cool ways. In addition to the livestream, product review clips are also well received because of their closeness and reality.

If you are looking to “trend” to livestream and review products, you must buy these support items right away!

Products that support livestream or product review

Dedicated microphone set

The first and very important item is the mic that supports livestream and recording. The mic will help the voice quality when livestreaming better and better, making it easier for viewers to hear what we say.

The Takstar MX1 ​​mini kit is designed for live broadcasting and is suitable for smartphones, tablets and computers. With this device we can adjust the bass and treble of the microphone, which can be adjusted according to the sound characteristics of different people. In addition, the microphone has 9 livestream sound effects to enhance the atmosphere of the live room and make the live broadcast more interesting.

[Box tag giá] – Dedicated microphone set

Lights to support livestream

When the sound is full, you need more light to make the image in the livestream more shimmering. Therefore, the lamp that supports the livestream will be extremely necessary.

No need to use professional lights, to livestream or record review clips at home, you can choose a product with a compact size but still sufficient in terms of light. These lights have a very simple operation and set-up, suitable for both beginners to live streaming or recording review clips.

[Box tag giá] – Lights to support livestream

Gimbal makes recording clips easier

If you need to make clips that need to be moved a lot, you must buy a gimbal right away.

Gimgal DJI OM 4 SE will be a very good choice for the phone. With this gimbal you can record smooth footage with minimal shake. The DJI OM 4 SE is highly portable with a more compact design that is easier to balance and fold down allowing you to use the device flexibly. The thin and light magnetic clip keeps your phone firmly in place when in use.

[Box tag giá] – Gimbal

Tripod tripod

For those who mainly livestream or record clips in one place, a tripod is a very necessary item. A well-loaded tripod with a bracket with a phone holder will help you livestream easily, combined with a light to support the light, it is a standard combo that does not need to be adjusted.

A tripod with a height of more than 1m, folded just over 30cm is not only suitable for livestream, review clip but also suitable for when you travel, go backpacking!

[Box tag giá] – Tripod tripod


A decorative suggestion to help your clip frame become more eye-catching is the floor rug.

Floor mats with long, fluffy rugs will help enhance your video recording space. You can use floor mats when livestreaming or putting products to review on it is also very reasonable.

[Box tag giá] – Carpet

Wall paintings as background

Suggest more for you the wall paintings that are very suitable for the background when livestream. If you feel that the back wall is too boring, look for fabric paintings to make the livestream scene or product review clip more vivid and eye-catching.

[Box tag giá] – Wall paintings as background

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