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Real sea crabs are sold at ‘as cheap as giving’, only 39,000 VND / fish

When the price of sea crabs in Hanoi is at least 400,000 VND/kg or more, recently, “online market” appeared as cheap sea crabs, only from 39,000 VND/head.

Although the quality of this crab is not known, the cheap price also makes many mothers in the market wary.

    - Photo 2.

A close-up of sea crabs with a selling price of 39,000 VND/head is being offered for sale on “web markets”.

Mai Anh (34 years old, in Cau Giay, Hanoi) is a typical example.

Mai Anh said: “In order to find and buy sea crabs to cook porridge for my children, I went to groups of online markets to see. Normally, the price of sea crabs is quite expensive, I dare not buy it from time to time. However, recently, the price of sea crabs is quite expensive. , on online markets appeared many articles for sale of sea crabs for 39,000 VND/fish. This also made me doubt that I dare to order.

According to research through posts on the group, the type of crab sold for 39,000 VND/kg is tied with a large cloth rope, quite absorbent.

    - Photo 3.

The article for sale of sea crabs for only 39,000 VND/head attracted a lot of attention. (Screenshots).

Accordingly, the weight of this small crab is about 5-6 fish/kg. At this price, each kg of sea crab costs only from 200,000 to 250,000 VND/kg.

Similarly, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa (living in Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) cannot avoid being surprised when she approaches sea crabs priced at 39,000 VND/head.

Ms. Hoa said: “Usually, when going to seafood stores or markets, sea crabs are sold by weight for 300 – 450,000 VND/kg of meat crabs, while brick crabs are priced from 400 to 700,000 VND/kg/kg. kg depending on size. Now they sell by children, so I’m quite surprised.”

    - Photo 4.

According to small traders, sea crabs with the same price of 39,000 VND/head are the smallest, in fact, the equivalent selling price is 265,000 VND/kg. Screenshots

“Once in a while, I only buy 1-2 fish to make crab soup, rarely buy a whole weight, sometimes I’m afraid of underweight, but now they just charge according to the child, so I feel more secure. The crab is still fresh, delicious, and sweet, isn’t it? not braised or less meat,” said Ms. Hoa.

According to many seafood traders, 39,000 VND/fish is “as cheap as giving”. If you want to buy in bulk, you have to order about 2-3 days in advance to wait for the goods to arrive.

Due to the low price, plus fresh sea crab, the articles for sale on the online market attract the attention of many women to order. Some of them, still afraid to buy.

Also according to the loud advertisement of the seller, this is a natural crab, not a farmed crab, so it is guaranteed that the crab meat is firm, sweet, spoiled one for one.

    - Photo 5.

In fact, the type of crab sold “crow” for 39,000 VND/kg is quite small in size.

Entering three boxes of goods to sell, Ms. Tu (34 years old, Nam Tu Liem) – an online seafood trader at home, said that, if calculated, selling each one is still the same as selling a whole weight, but consumers like it. buy more children.

For example, crabs are 55-75,000 VND/head, size 4-5 fish/kg, calculated as 300-350 thousand VND/kg; calculated by weight is 500 thousand VND/kg.

However, the type of crab 39,000 VND/head is small in size and not everyone is bold enough to choose to buy it.

According to Ms. Tu, this crab is quite famous in Ca Mau, but people here are quite picky, so the goods are mainly transported to big cities for sale because of high demand.

“However, consumers should also consider when choosing to buy this type of crab and should buy it at a reputable place because it is easy to encounter poor quality crabs to avoid “money loss”, Ms. Tu added.

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