Samsung plans to increase chip prices by 20%

Samsung is currently considering increasing the cost of its semiconductors by up to 20%, as well as products it makes for other companies, which will result in consumers paying more. for new devices.

According to the Bloomberg report, the price increase consideration is in response to the fact that everything in the world is becoming more expensive, including the cost of raw materials and the logistics around manufacturing facilities. The price increase is expected to be related to the sophistication of the components being manufactured, but it still means that suppliers will have to pay more, between 15-20% for the memory chip part.

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Samsung is a big player in the industry semiconductor industry, which manufactures microprocessors for a variety of industries as well as memory products, storage solutions and foundry solutions that enable the manufacture of other semiconductor products. A price increase of up to 20% across all of those areas is sure to push up the price of any product that uses Samsung components.

Currently, Samsung does not comment on the matter. We’ll all know it happened when the prices of new smartphones, tablets, laptops, and SSDs started to rise. And if Samsung is facing more costly logistics costs, so are the companies that make end products that contain Samsung-made components, so we should all accept the job. Technology is getting significantly more expensive this year.

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