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Sorry for making my wife sad

You sad made me sad. I cried and felt disappointed in myself for not being able to carry you a son.

Yesterday was probably the day my husband and I expected to go to antenatal care together when I was 16 weeks pregnant. The first girl is two and a half years old, so my husband and I and especially the grandmother hope that the next baby will be a boy. I went to a wedding the day before, my head was warm, so I couldn’t take her to the doctor. I went alone, my father and son were at home waiting.

I went home with a slightly sad face and said: “Understand your daughter’s ultrasound”. I thought you were joking, try and see how I am. He smiled cheerfully: “The day I went for an ultrasound at week 14, the doctor told me that I was the same as my father.” I said: “This result is correct”. Naturally, he was terribly sad in his heart, the feeling of disappointment was evident on his face. I tried to hold back my tears and comfort you. I always say that every child is a child, God gives it to any child, I just hope that my mother and I will always be healthy and develop well, but there is an indescribable sadness in my heart. He told Grandma, Grandpa also showed mild sadness, making me feel even more sad and depressed.

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I couldn’t sleep last night because I don’t know why I’m so bad, what’s wrong with my daughter? My husband and I decided to have two children and then stopped, so he expected the next child to be a boy, so that’s why he was sad and disappointed. A boy or a girl is also a god for their husband and wife. I woke up in the morning and said sorry that I couldn’t give you a son, I didn’t know what to do. I know you are very sad. You are such a lousy man, you don’t think and understand my feelings, you have to make me sad. What century is it now and I still expect to have a son to follow, my thinking is distorted and old-fashioned, isn’t it?

I’m so sorry for you, now I think more clearly, I should have taken care of you more and nourished you more, but I also made you sad. Please forgive and forgive me when I have such old-fashioned thoughts. I won’t be sad anymore, two girls like it even more, right? Daughters love their father more, don’t they? As for your grandma, don’t worry, I’ll tell her so she can understand, she loves her daughter too. It’s okay, baby, just pray that our family is always healthy and happy, that’s enough, isn’t it?

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I will go with you through the happy days as well as the difficult days as promised when we married you. Stop thinking I’ll find someone else, I’m not that person. Please join me in taking good care of your children and family. Love you and your children forever.

To friends in the same situation: “Let everything go according to nature, it’s fate. Any child is fine, as long as we take good care and upbringing when giving birth. Let’s cherish and preserve these things. what is precious next to me”.

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