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Square Enix plans to establish and buy more game studios

A week after selling studios in the West, Square Enix said it would establish or buy new studios.

According to VCG, Square Enix has indicated that it is intending to establish or acquire new game development studios. Earlier, the company confirmed that it had agreed to sell off its biggest developers in the West.

Square Enix wants to establish and buy more studios after selling off big studios


Last week, Swedish game company Embracer announced that it had agreed to acquire a large portion of Square Enix’s Western developer arm for $300 million, which includes Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal and a portfolio of IPs including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

In the financial results published on Friday the 13th.5, game publisher Final Fantasy further explained the rationale behind selling off a bunch of its developers. The resale decision will allow the company to achieve sustainable growth through ‘selecting and focusing on company resources’, better aligning its overseas game publishing operations with Tokyo HQ and focus on new business areas such as blockchain, AI and cloud.

The company said it plans to reshape its portfolio into Digital Entertainment (entertainment digital) partly through the creation of new IPs, reaching decisions more quickly through integrated team management and by enhancing game development with the creation of studios new, as well as the acquisition and merger of additional third-party studios.

While it may seem surprising that Square Enix is ​​looking to start up studios soon after selling off established developers, it’s likely that the company is planning to pursue a different direction that better aligns with its goals. your latest goal.

In a statement released alongside last week’s Embracer announcement, Square Enix said that ‘in the future, the company’s development function will include studios in Japan, Square Enix External Studios and Square Enix Collective. ‘

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