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Stuck in the house for many days because of the invasion of giant wasps

May 16, 2022 14:41 GMT+7

A family has been forced to ‘entrench’ in the house after a huge swarm of wasps invaded the garden, the entire surrounding space.

Families are often trapped in their homes for unpredictable reasons such as a malfunctioning security system, blocked doors, or burglars. Prolonged stay indoors can also be caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and heavy outdoor snowfall.

However, a family in England is forced to stay in their own home due to the intrusion of uninvited guests.

Stuck in the house for many days because of the invasion of giant wasps
Huge swarm of wasps invade, family trapped in house

The house in Salford, Greater Manchester, England is going through a difficult time when it is impossible to go out. A huge swarm of wasps suddenly appeared in the garden and spread to the surrounding space.

Family members are scared, worried that wasps pose a serious threat to their safety. Some neighbors have evacuated to other areas to avoid being affected or have to close windows and doors carefully.

Julie, who lives in the house, said: “The bees were present for a few days but it got worse. There were so many bees we had to close the door. The family couldn’t go out, the children had to stay indoors too. We’re a bit stuck, we don’t know what to do.”

Reportedly, the insects broke out from a nest in the attic. The family called experts to help solve the problem, but the number of wasps did not decrease, they still appeared around the garden.

Wasps are very aggressive, large body size, they tend to attack people with painful stings, are able to shoot and spray venom with stingers into the eyes, causing blindness. With bites with many venom will attack the nervous system and be life-threatening if not treated promptly after being bitten.

A woman in Spain has died after being stung by a wasp in a recent incident in early May. Ingrid Dale, the ill-fated woman was stung while eating at a restaurant in Costa Blanca. . Although she was promptly treated by medical staff, she did not survive at the scene.

The 67-year-old woman was dining at the Hill Top pub in Moraira, just north of the popular resort of Benidorm. She and her family were enjoying the trip when the incident happened. Other family members are safe.

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