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Super tourism products are about to “land” in Phu Quoc

Monday, May 16, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

Distilling the quintessence of architectural art in the world to create timeless works. Bringing back to Vietnam unique, top, world-leading games… Those are some of the secrets about to be “revealed” by Sun Group in Phu Quoc.

The bridge is as beautiful as a sculpture

Originally, Phu Quoc has recently become a city of creativity, because many international architectural, resort, real estate, entertainment projects have been and continue to be formed. Aestheticists are constantly fascinated by the town called “Mediterranean” in the South of the island. Art devotees are overwhelmed by the Signature Gallery building – a beloved child of the venerable architect Bill Bensley. Surpassing the function of a large conference/event center, Sun Signature Gallery is like a living art museum, where the top creations of Mid-Century architecture, interior, and painting are showcased. Modern and sometimes, very abstract.

Super tourism products are about to

Praying for Marriage – an architectural masterpiece that will debut in Phu Quoc at the end of 2022

But not yet, Phu Quoc is currently conceiving an architectural work that deserves to be a “super product” in the world architecture village (not just Vietnam). It is the Marriage Proposal, located in the heart of the Mediterranean town. The bridge is a combination of three elements: Architecture – structure – and art, so that when formed, it will be more like a sculpture than a bridge over the sea. The two branches of the bridge each 400m long are like two soft silk strips reaching out to the middle of the ocean, leaving them close without touching each other. The small boundary between those two branches is also the place to watch the splendid sunset falling into the sea.

Bold with art, from the inspirational story to create the bridge, to the construction materials and design shapes, the Marriage Proposal was born to become a symbol, an erasing architectural work. all boundaries of space and time. With Praying for Marriage, the world will turn to Phu Quoc.

Super tourism products are about to

Show Vortex will be performed right next to Proposal

And next to the Proposal, a unique beachfront stage complex will host the Vortex show – a combination of fire, water and light, taking 5,000 spectators across the galaxy to follow the adventure. It is about a young man named Luigi, who will fight with his friends against a threat from space.

And with the powerful duo, Praying for Marriage and the Vortex show scheduled to be released at the end of 2022, Phu Quoc is promising to become the “brightest star” of Vietnam’s tourism.

The “super products” game for those who like challenges

Phu Quoc is also an island of endless joy. In the South of the island, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park soon became known as a paradise of world-class entertainment, with a wonderful experience of watching the ocean and colorful Dai Trung Hai village from aboard the three-way cable car. The longest sea crossing in the world, or get excited about the fascinating water slides at Aquatopia water park and unique game “super products”.

Super tourism products are about to

Game “Wrath Wood Snake” at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

First of all, there is a game Moc Snake Rage – rated by experts as one of the top “most challenging” games in the world. This is the first wooden roller coaster in Vietnam, running on a journey of nearly 900 meters, with 14 steep slopes and complicated spirals, giving visitors moments of thrill or excitement. Excited, when conquering the overhead tracks with a breathtaking view, enjoy the super “smooth” glides, the exciting “downhill” sections. Brad Loxley, Deputy General Director of Operations of Sun World (the entertainment brand of Sun Group), commented: “This is probably one of the most slickly designed wooden roller coasters in the world.” .

Super tourism products are about to

Game “Eagle Eyes” at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Another brand new game at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is “Eagle Eye”. This is a 360-degree observatory with a height of 120m, where you can admire the panoramic view of Hon Thom sea and sky.

It is expected that at the end of June 2022, another super game called Cyclone will be released at Hon Thom. The representative of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park revealed: this will be a “storm trip” that can make the hearts of “explorers” want to jump out of their chests.

“Excellent” resort for the elite

Phu Quoc is inherently a resort paradise, with countless world-class resorts such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New World Phu Quoc Resort, Premier Village Phu Quoc…

It is expected that in December 2022, Phu Quoc will continue to amaze domestic and international tourists, with a new resort worthy of a “super product” in terms of design, service and prime location. One-of-a-kind place – it’s La Festa. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean town invested and built by Sun Group, La Festa fully enjoys the beauty that is likened to the southern Italian coastal town of Amalfi, along with a system of architectural works. , high-class travel around. In particular, opposite La Festa is Cau Hon, an architectural masterpiece that promises to become one of the new symbols of Phu Quoc.

Super tourist products are about to

Luxury resort in Mediterranean town

Boarding the cable car across the ocean to Hon Thom, you will be able to touch the “billionaire island” of the future when it is being invested by Sun Group to become Paradise Island. This will be an international super complex of entertainment-resort-investment for the first time in Vietnam, with top-notch experiences and super-luxury services similar to famous paradise islands in the world. world like Atlantic or Monaco…

Bai Dai will also put on an upmarket lifestyle, because Sun Group is investing here in a complex of luxury real estate resorts and commercial services Sun Secret Valley. Bringing the concept of moving with stillness, with static in motion with 3 different product types: shophouse, shop villa, retail villa, The Avenue is the first subdivision introduced with delicate, luxurious commercial colors, is waiting for the owner to “unveil nature” to discover the secret valley of Sun Secret Valley.

Life has a lot of fun to enjoy, just like the endless stories in the “thousand and one nights”. Just like a day in Phu Quoc, you will realize paradise is real.

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