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Take advantage of the opportunity to step up

Finland and Sweden’s intention to join NATO met with disapproval of Turkey.

As a member of NATO, Turkey has the right to veto the bloc’s admission of more members. But it is unlikely that Turkey will use its veto power to join NATO in the future. Turkey is only exploiting the opportunity to increase its position in the NATO and continental politics.

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The reasons given by Turkey sound very reasonable from the perspective of its interests, but the nature is not so complicated and difficult to overcome that NATO, Finland and Sweden cannot overcome it. Turkey expressed regret for not having vetoed NATO’s admission to Greece the day before, saying that Greece would later use NATO itself to disadvantage Turkey and still prevent the EU from admitting Turkey.

In fact, Turkey is “doing high”, citing the reason that Sweden harbors Kurdish forces and organizations against Turkey, but this reason is aimed at the EU and EU members. Turkey puts NATO and EU in a situation because it wants to be quick admission of Sweden and Finland into NATO but must make more fundamental concessions to Turkey. In other words, Sweden and Finland have helped Turkey make a new goal in the game with the EU and NATO.

In addition, Turkey also has a new trump card to help increase its position in relations with Russia and build a larger role in the war in Ukraine. Turkey can prolong NATO’s admission of Sweden and Finland, although NATO will not allow Turkey to veto such admissions.

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