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The bright spot of recovery after COVID-19 of Vietnam’s economy

Illustration – Photo: Investment Newspaper.

The international press has devoted many articles to appreciate the post-COVID-19 recovery of Vietnam economy in many key areas.

The Star newspaper of Malaysia recorded the prosperity of Vietnam’s seafood exports. The article said that the seafood export value in April reached 1.05 billion USD, bringing the export value of seafood in the first 4 months of this year to 3.57 billion USD, up nearly 44% over the same period last year. last. The US, Japan and China are currently the top 3 seafood import markets of Vietnam.

Japan’s Nikkei Asia newspaper highly appreciated the recovery of Vietnam’s air transport after COVID-19. The article forecasts that Vietnam’s air cargo traffic this year will increase by 17% compared to last year, to more than 1.52 million tons, which is faster than the average annual growth of 15% in 30 years. via.

This happens in the context of increasing domestic and international freight demand as Vietnam strengthens its position in the global supply chain.

Aaditya Mattoo – Chief Economist, East Asia – Pacific, World Bank, said: “Developing the service sector has both helped boost the productivity of the whole economy, while also allowing Vietnam to Growth of the service sector in Vietnam will also boost productivity and progress in both manufacturing and agriculture, as they gain access to telecommunications systems. better communication, better transportation system, better financial services”.

Regarding the financial services industry, technology news site TechwireAsia stated that the Fintech sector in Vietnam is currently having the second fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia, after Singapore. According to analysts from Robocash Corporation, Fintech market in Vietnam is expected to grow to US$18 billion by 2024, despite high competition and barriers to entry.

The article assesses that Vietnam’s Fintech market is promising and there are more and more regulations supporting the development of this field.

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