The doctor shares 5 tips to lose belly fat immediately without a miserable diet

A recent study found that more than half of UK adults (63%) are classified as overweight or obese.

To find out if you belong to the above group, measure your waist circumference. Ideally, waist circumference should be less than 1/2 height.

For example, if you are 6 feet tall, you will want your waist to be around 73cm. But if your waist is 81cm, you may be in the unsafe zone because there is a risk of obesity, overweight. Therefore, we are working on how to effectively reduce the waistline“, said Dr Kayat.

According to Dr Kayat, there is a lot of advice out there when it comes to diets for weight loss. But according to her, here are 5 useful ways that can help you reduce your waist size without following austere diets.

Eat mindfully

Enjoying the flavors of the food will help you “eat mentally” and maintain a healthy body weight, says Dr Kayat.

Learn to eat right again” is her message to everyone.

You need to prepare a table, a bowl, learn to chew, learn to taste the food in front of you instead of scooping it up on the way to work or eating at your desk or in front of the TV.“, she said.

Eat the right foods

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Choose foods nutrition being lower in calories can help you lose weight. This way, you can eat more without worrying about gaining weight.

You will not feel limited in the amount of food for fear of fat“, she said.

Having to eat less makes many people reluctant to start weight loss diets, so eat normally but choose the right foods. Nutritious low-calorie foods found in plant-based products“, She added.


Don’t feel guilty when you want to lose weight but snack. Make sure you choose the right foods and avoid junk foods that are processed and high in sugar.

Dr Sara said: “An ideal snack is nuts. They’re packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein. These nutrients will help stabilize blood sugar so you don’t feel hungry and stay full longer.”

Some studies show that eating 4-5 small meals a day can help with weight loss. According to Dr. Sara, whether you can lose weight or not depends on the person and what you are eating.

For some people, snacking helps them lose weight. For others, they need to alternate between snacks throughout the day to avoid hunger and lead to overeating later. Meanwhile, some people find it better to fast a little between meals. But if you’re feeling hungry and need to eat something, then snack and make sure it’s all good food for you.‘, Dr. Sara concluded.

Limit alcohol

The doctor shares 5 secrets to instantly lose belly fat without a miserable diet - 2

Alcohol is not only a stimulant, causing depression but also contains many calories. If you want to lose weight, give up alcoholic beverages.

Currently, there are many healthy low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. We recommend switching to those drinks. This is a viable option for a lot of people“, Dr. Sara said.

Stay away from the diet

Weight loss diets are often followed for short periods of time with the aim of achieving quick results. Therefore, this is an unhealthy and sustainable way to lose weight.

There are many celebrities who endorse diets but they don’t work. Short-term dieting can affect your metabolism and how your body stores fat“, said Dr. Sara.

Along with a healthy diet, Dr. Sara recommends that people who want to lose weight exercise.

Exercise is the way to find the right balance. You need to build this habit slowly, otherwise it will be easy to give up after a short time. At times, you may also experience pain or injury, and think that exercise is not the sport for you. So, try to experiment and try to find joy in the practice“.

For those who want to exercise but don’t have the time or want to pay for the gym, Dr. Sara advises that you can practice by gardening, walking instead of riding, dancing in the gym. club or even… in the kitchen to practice health right in the daily routine.

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