The Ministry of Public Security is piloting online passport application at the Public Service Portal

From May 15, the Immigration Department and the Immigration Department, Hanoi Police will pilot implementation of procedures to declare and issue ordinary passports (passports without electronic chips). via the national public service portal or the public service portal of the Public Security Department, according to the VNA.

This is a level 4 public service, serving Vietnamese citizens to log in to the Government Public Service Portal or the public service of the Ministry of Public Security, register documents, pay fees online, receive passports by post. or come to receive directly at the immigration management agency when the results are available.

Subjects of application are Vietnamese citizens in the country with a valid electronic chip citizen identity card or a valid 12-digit citizen ID card, a valid account on the Government Public Service Portal, and the ability to pay. online fees through the Government electronic payment system.

The Ministry of Public Security is piloting the issuance of universal passports through the Public Service Portal - Photo 1.

Police officers of Hanoi City guide people to manipulate passport issuance procedures in the electronic environment. Photo: Youth.

When using online public services at level 4, people will reduce the number of trips, waiting time to submit documents and receive results. Through means of connecting to the Internet (computers, smartphones, tablets…), people can actively conduct transactions at any time of the day, at any place where the Internet is available.

In addition, the implementation of level 4 online public services, digitized records will reduce paper pressure on state agencies, minimize direct contact with officials, avoid and limit consumption. arduous, troublesome, and at the same time, increase the publicity and transparency of administrative procedures.

During the initial period of implementation, in addition to organizing the receipt of passport application documents at the current level 3 public service, the Hanoi Police Department organized to guide, support and encourage people to implement. level 4 at the headquarters of the Immigration Department, 44 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da district (Hanoi), ensuring progress and returning results to people’s homes.

Regarding the implementation process, citizens access the online Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security, log in, fill in the passport application information according to form X01, email address, upload a portrait photo (for printing). on the passport), choose the form of passport receipt (via postal service or go to the immigration office to receive it directly), the address to receive the passport, pay the fee online when receiving the application file by the officer. send require.

In case citizens are not eligible to use level 4 public services or wish to apply directly, the current process of registration, receipt and processing of passport applications will be applied.

All these operations are done on the Internet environment and can use the computers that receive the records of the unit. With the implementation of passport issuance through the Level 4 Public Service Portal, citizens can actively declare their passport application declaration forms via the Internet at any time, at any place, by means of effective communication. connect to the Internet without having to go directly to the immigration office to queue up to submit declarations or take photos.

According to the Immigration Department, the procedure for issuing a universal passport through an online public service is to implement the Government’s project on “Developing the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication to serve the needs of the public.” national digital transformation service for the period of 2022 – 2025, with a vision to 2030″ (referred to as project 06), according to Tuoi Tre.

The pilot implementation at the Immigration Department and the Immigration Department of Hanoi Police was carried out from May 15. After that, from June 1, public services will be officially deployed nationwide.

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