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The unbelievable invincible lock of the beauty Ede in the blockbuster 18+ “578”

Monday, May 16, 2022 20:11 PM (GMT+7)

Before G, “578” released the ultimate clip about the top performance of H’Hen Niê and the Vietnamese-born male lead.

The movie “578: The shot of the madman” is gradually approaching its release date, the producer constantly reveals behind-the-scenes clips that are likened to million-dollar battles that heat up the online community. An action movie is forecast to have up to 91% of the scenes being violent and labeled 18+.

The unbelievable invincible lock of the beauty Ede in the blockbuster 18+ “578” - 1

H’Hen Niê as the female lead Bao Vi

Recently, the producer continues to tease the segment of Miss H’Hen Niê and Alexandre Nguyen with the fiercest and most realistic punches. In the clip, “Miss National” performs an extremely complex and beautiful “invincible” lock. In order to have an accurate lock, the crew had to spend a lot of time practicing the beauty of Ede, because a small mistake will lead to an immediate broken leg when striking. For this particular scene, the crew took nearly one night and had to shoot 63 scenes to succeed.

The male lead Alex proved his superior ability in a series of attacks from hitting the car to fighting with dozens of Gypsies in a smooth and authentic way. With devastating attacks, Alex proves he is truly a powerful real-life action star with ability and good acting ability.

H’Hen Niê is an actor targeted by the director right from the time of writing the script. During the contact process, seeing that Hau acted well, director Luong Dinh Dung adjusted the script for an impressive role of Bao Vi and more acting land. Meanwhile, the crew had to cast more than 500 faces to choose Alex – a strange but international movie face and charismatic man.

The unbelievable invincible lock of the beauty Ede in the blockbuster 18+ “578” - 3

Dangerous foot lock

Alex practiced very quickly, surprising the Korean martial arts crew. An actor will practice for 2 days in a normal game, so he only needs 1 morning or afternoon to be able to remember and play it beautifully. On the first day of filming, Alex was allergic to the water in the aquarium, causing his eyes to swell and burn. However, he still wants to do underwater scenes. The director did not agree, asking to stop filming until he was completely recovered to protect the actor’s health.

One of the memorable scenes of the French-Vietnamese actor was the scene where he broke a vase with his bare hands. The vase for “Hung’s father” to break is unburnt clay that is very perishable, transferred from Bat Trang pottery kiln to Hanoi at a cost of 30 million VND per vase. Although it was an unburnt jar, Alex took 10 shots of the scene of punching and breaking the vase in the air, causing his hand to swell and red, so he had to apply ice. The amount of money the actor “breaks” is also up to 300 million VND.

The unbelievable invincible lock of the beauty Ede in the blockbuster 18+ “578” - 4

Male lead Alex impresses with martial arts ability

Seeing that his costume was not “dirty” enough, the actor applied car oil to himself, rolling on the ground to collect dust. Most of the dangerous scenes Alex performed by himself (jumping, falling off the cliff …) with the support from the seat belt. Alex rolled for nearly 20 days and nights in the harbor with rain, cold wind, temperature ranging from 8-10 degrees Celsius.

For her part, H’Hen Niê worked equally hard, she continuously filmed action scenes in the rain for 6 days. In the scene of fighting on the roof of two stacked containers, even though she was afraid of heights, H’Hen Nie still wanted to do the scene herself. After many hours of filming because of the cold and cold wind, H’Hen Nie got cramps and couldn’t get up, so the crew had to climb a ladder to help them down.

When he asked the director to take a break because he was too tired and cold, H’Hen Niê was coldly rejected by the director: “I will be the most cruel to you but also give you the best on-screen effects“. The actress was still happy to continue filming. The director was happy because of her hard-working and serious spirit. H’Hen Niê shared, in the future, if there are other opportunities in the film industry, She will choose action roles.

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