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The vice principal in Tay Ninh was accused of molesting students in the office

On May 13, a parent named Q, whose daughter’s name is C. studying at Long Khanh Secondary School, submitted an application to the authorities, denouncing Mr. NVT’s behavior of physical abuse of minors (currently at present). Vice Principal of Long Khanh Secondary School).

According to the application, around 8:30 a.m. on May 10, all students at Long Khanh Secondary School had just finished their second semester math exam and had a 15-minute break to continue taking the second exam, when female student C. went from the classroom. towards the bench, in front of the school’s traditional room to review with friends.

At this time, Mr. NVT stood on the balcony of the 1st floor in front of the vice principal’s office and called the female student C.. Hearing the teacher call, the female student C. immediately went up, at this time, Mr. NVT’s teacher entered the office.

At the vice principal’s office, Mr. NVT had lewd behavior with female student C. such as kissing on the cheek, touching breasts, buttocks, pressing on the female student’s sensitive area…

In a report sent to the Education and Training Department of Ben Cau District and the Principal of Long Khanh Secondary School on May 15, Mr. T. confirmed that he had called female student C. to the office.

According to Mr. T., when Mr. T. stood up, he got entangled with the electric fan on the desk, so he collided with the female student C., at the same time, Mr. T. saw a mole on C.’s face, so he touched it with his hand and say mole will be very good.

Mr. Do Quang Truong (Chairman of the People’s Committee of Long Khanh Commune) confirmed to the press that the local government had received the report from the family of female student C.

Mr. Le Khac Chinh (Principal of Long Khanh Secondary School) said that the school had information reflecting that Mr. T had sexually assaulted female student C., but it was only one-sided, as told by C. for Mom. Because the school did not install cameras, and no one witnessed the incident, the case had to wait for the conclusion of the police investigation.

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