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The wet “pilot” gave up his acting career

Appear at the show Son and Wife In episode 455, actor – model Lo Quang Thai and his wife Duong Thi Kim Hua – young female director made the whole studio laugh and cry with tragic and humorous stories surrounding their married life.

Having a chance to meet in an event of his wife’s company, Quang Thai revealed his first impression: “While preparing to perform, I saw a certificate of merit with Kim Hua’s name on it. I have never heard of anyone’s name before. Hua, it’s funny, I’m impressed by that name.” Meanwhile, Kim Hua was impressed with her husband because of his handsomeness, kindness, and gentleness, but asserted that he did not have any feelings for him.

The pilot gave up his career as an actor - model to follow his wife to make a career - Photo 1.

Quang Thai and Kim Hua bring many interesting things at the show

At that time, Quang Thai and Kim Hua were also very far apart geographically when he worked in Hanoi, she was from Soc Trang. But because of work and also gradually fell in love, the two did not manage time and effort to go to the South and to the North often to meet each other. “At that time, I liked it very much, flying four times a month, the children flew out, I flew in all the time” – Kim Hua said. The husband also further explained: “At that time, when I went to work for 15 days, all of the work was left out. When I came back and had 15 days left to work, this friend flew out to play, as if I couldn’t do business for a whole month. nothing, then you two do business together!”.

After the process of finding out, Quang Thai – Kim Hua decided to move to a married life, this forced him to accept leaving his hometown to follow his wife to the South to live and establish a career. Here, the actor – model said that he had suffered from severe stress, psychological instability and sometimes had to cry because everything was completely opposite to his imagination.

“When I came here, everything was completely different, in terms of language, the way of working was also different. Five days, only one program went to Ho Chi Minh City to do, the rest stayed there. See on social networks to see my friends. When I went to perform, I suddenly felt very sad “- Quang Thai shared. This also made the director’s wife both love and angry, sometimes even wanting him to bring his suitcase back. But after many confiding, with sincerity and affection for each other, both still decided to continue living together and happily as now.

The pilot gave up his career as an actor - model to follow his wife to make a career - Photo 2.

Quang Thai was “revealed” by his wife because of his meticulousness, slowness, and wetness

Also at Son and Wife, Quang Thai was also “unmasked” by his wife’s meticulousness, slowness, and wetness, making the whole studio laugh many times. So handsome and strong, but Quang Thai made the doctors who gave birth to his wife also relented. Specifically, because of his passion for bathing, he almost couldn’t meet his wife before going to the delivery table, the “pilot” begged the doctor to let him enter the operating room. Both worried and overwhelmed by the atmosphere in the room, he could only cry like rain without saying a word.

The “fight” stage reached its climax when Quang Thai accused his wife of shouting and scolding her husband and children: “Before going anywhere, you have to curse. You often call me ‘guy’ and ‘it’ even though I don’t like it very much. that!”. The wife also quickly countered: “Born in 95, smaller than others, calling you is also normal, the oldest child was born first!”. The two’s fight made the whole studio burst into laughter.

The wet pilot gave up his career as an actor - model to follow his wife to make a career - Photo 3.

Quang Thai – Kim Hua give each other great gifts

At the end of the program, instead of sending words of love and wishes to each other, Quang Thai and Kim Hua couple brought valuable gifts to each other. If the female director Kim Hua secretly brought the wedding ring and put it on her husband’s hand, it would make him extremely emotional; The handsome husband Quang Thai gave his wife a contract to buy a car. The act of expressing their special affection made Hong Van – Quoc Thuan and the whole studio burst with happiness and congratulate the couple.

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