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These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions

Monday, May 16, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

Pocket experience adding necessary accessories for the lack of cars in Vietnam.

Buying a standard version car, also known as the missing version, is always chosen by many people. In addition, the price difference also makes more people interested. There are many brands on the market that produce car accessories at very reasonable prices.

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 1

The following are the accessories that should be attached to the car with the missing version and are agreed by most car owners.

Tire pressure sensor (TPMS)

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 3

Some popular models are not equipped with this accessory set, but in some higher models it is equipped and does not clearly display each wheel parameter. Therefore, the solution of adding a separate tire pressure sensor is an option worth the money.

Although the car lacks a tire pressure warning feature, the nature of this warning system uses the same sensor of the ABS anti-lock braking system to calculate the height of the tire, based on that to warn. Does the car have enough tire pressure? However, in practice, this warning system does not work very well and sometimes warns of low air even though the tire is still normal.

In addition, the original car tire pressure warning system cannot provide accurate numbers of tire pressure at each wheel, causing the driver to check all 4 wheels when needing to patch the tire. The car is quite inconvenient. Upgrading a tire pressure sensor (external or internal valve) will make tire pressure monitoring more convenient.

The sensor on the car lacks the use of an internal valve with a package cost of 2.5 million, but the operation is much more durable and stable than the external valve type. Inflating tires is also more convenient, as it does not take time to remove the sensor outside the valve and then inflate and then have to reattach.

Entertainment screen running Android

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 4

On standard cars, the standard version is usually just a basic radio receiver or CD player. Meet the rapidly increasing demand for in-vehicle entertainment. The solution of adding a 7-inch screen or a 9- to 12-inch screen is being chosen by many car owners.

And yet, in some high-end cars, the original screen of the car can only connect to bluetooth and navigate while users now need to connect Apple Carplay / Android Auto to sync their smartphone to the car.

The way to thoroughly solve this problem is to replace the entertainment screen running Android on the market, but the price is from 7 to more than 20 million VND. In return, your low-end car will now be much more modern and convenient when you can entertain yourself by listening to your favorite music or watching videos on Youtube.

Upgrading the entertainment screen is also a premise for the addition of a 360-degree camera system if car owners have more observation needs because the original screen cannot connect to 360 camera sets on the market.

Camera support access

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 5

In the lines pickup truck or 7-seater SUV, with a rather long front end design and a bit difficult to observe the hidden corner on the side wheel. When pulling to the side of the road, if there is no CCTV camera to assist, the driver may be “shy” when he does not dare to bring the car close to the curb or if it is too close to the curb, it may cause scratches to the wheels or front bumper.

Besides, when it is necessary to go into narrow roads, the side-view camera will be very convenient when the driver just needs to observe and let the car go close to the side, if it is too narrow, just open the driver’s side window to observe. easier than can help the car avoid collision.

Upgrade the camera with a pair of margins and a small 5-inch observation screen with an acceptable resolution with a package cost (including installation) of only about VND 1.5 million, power used from an outlet 12v pipe should completely not interfere with the electrical system on the car.

Reverse camera

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 6

Today, many cars are already equipped with a reverse camera. However, some cheap cars will not have this equipment and buyers should add more. This device is extremely useful during parking, especially on busy roads. Parking and reversing into a narrow space will no longer be a worrying challenge for drivers.

To save costs when the car does not have a central screen, car owners only need to install a reverse sensor. With supporting vehicles, it is possible to integrate the alarm image from the reverse camera with the available screen. Depending on the brand and quality, the reverse camera has different prices. The price of a sensor is usually cheaper, within the price range of 500,000 VND, the buyer already owns a 4-eye sensor.

Leather upholstery for all seats

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 7

In hot climates like Vietnam, felt seats can make passengers uncomfortable and sweat easily. At this point, a set of leather seats can make traveling more comfortable. Moreover, in cases of spilled liquid on the seat, users can clean it more easily on leather seats than on felt seats.

Currently on the market there are many types of leather car seat covers with many different colors and materials. Leather car seat cover depends on different types of 4-seater, 7-seater and different durability. The price of car leather seat covers ranges from 2 million to 17 million depending on the leather material.

Lighting upgrade

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 8

In some models, the missing version is usually only equipped with Halogen lights. Even more can only add a pair of spherical mirrors but still use Halogen bulbs. The following are reference solutions to increase light and bring safety when traveling in low light conditions.

For halogen lamps but with a spherical mirror installed by the manufacturer, simply replace the halogen bulb with an LED or Xenon bulb with a Ballast kit and the brightness will be significantly improved. The replacement cost is only about 2-3 million VND, on the other hand, if the car owner wants to choose a high-quality Xenon ball, the cost will be about 7 million VND.

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of versions - 9

In the case of vehicles using Parabolic halogen lamps, there are 2 options to choose from including replacing Halogen lamps with LEDs, the advantage of this solution is that it is easy to return “zin” when desired, the disassembly steps are also quite simple. Similar to when you change the light of your car and can completely do it yourself at home. The price of a good quality LED light kit will be about 3 million VND. The disadvantage of replacing the LED light in this reflector is that it creates a bit of glare for the sedans in the opposite direction.

Option 2 is to replace the whole headlight cluster with a set of Bi-LED bulbs, then the light will have a clear, beautiful cut and will not cause glare to oncoming vehicles. However, the stages from operating the lamp with a heat autoclave, shaping the reflector, injecting waterproof glue, and installing brackets for the luminaire are all done manually.

These are the items that should be upgraded for the lack of cars - 10

Sometimes the above steps will have errors such as the glue pump is not tight, causing steam to remain in the lamp, at this time you need to remove the lamp and use a steamer to suck the steam which is quite complicated. The cost to “customize” Bi-Xenon lights is not cheap, ranging from 5 to 17 million VND and this is also a solution that many car owners are interested in.

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