Truc Nhan reveals the truth about his relationship with Miu Le

Recently, Miu Le acted in the newly released MV “If you don’t keep it, if you lose it, don’t find it” by Truc Nhan. After debuting and receiving good feedback, Truc Nhan posted an interview clip of himself and Miu Le about the MV making process. The appearance of the female singer “You are my grandmother” in this music product is also a very pleasant surprise.

Truc Nhan reveals the truth about his relationship with Miu Le - 1

Miu Le and Truc Nhan have a close relationship for more than 10 years.

Truc Nhan admitted that as soon as he thought of the idea to make the MV, Miu Le was the first person that popped into his head and no one else. Right after that, Miu Le asked if the two’s relationship was close?, Truc Nhan humorously said that the two were just social and social friends.

“I can play whatever I want outside, but at work, I respect the image orientation of my friends. So, fortunately, I was able to convince Miu”Truc Nhan confided. However, Miu Le also spoke up: “Is there any convincing? Invite what is received immediately!”.

Truc Nhan reveals the truth about his relationship with Miu Le - 2

Miu Le has never accepted anyone’s MV role.

Miu Le affirmed that she was convinced by a certain “spiritual force” when she did not know what the script or the role would be, but accepted Truc Nhan’s request. Truc Nhan also revealed that Miu Le filmed for 3 main days, and at the same time returned 2 more days, but did not receive a single paycheck. He revealed that he had paid Miu Le up to 3 billion VND, but was refused.

Earlier in the press conference, when asked how much did Truc Nhan pay his close friend Miu Le when he invited her to act in the MV, the male singer humorously recounted: “I had prepared an envelope to give to Miu after filming was completed, but she refused to accept it. Even Miu knelt down in the middle of the set, begged for the envelope to be returned and refused to accept. get money from me”.

Video Truc Nhan reveals the scene of kneeling and begging Miu Le to receive the salary

After more than 3 days of release, Truc Nhan’s MV “If you don’t keep it, don’t find it”, has reached more than 3 million views and entered the Top 2 Trending YouTube. This product of the male singer also received a lot of compliments from fans because of his mischievousness and creativity in music and images.

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