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Two girls got into an accident because they weren’t allowed to take pictures together

On May 16, the Investigative Police Department of Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang Province said that it was completing the dossier to transfer the People’s Procuracy of the same level to propose prosecution of Danh Mel Tel (SN 2005) and Danh Soc Phi (SN 2000). – Lives in Binh An commune, Chau Thanh district – on the crime of robbery.

Clip Arresting 2 robbers

According to the investigation results, around 6 pm on March 27, after drinking, Phi asked Tel to go up to the sluice to prevent salt water on Cai Be River to play, and Tel agreed. Phi immediately took a knife and gave it to Tel to hide in his body to protect himself.

CLIP: Two little girls got into an accident because they didn't let the robber take a picture together - Photo 2.

Tel and Phi (from left to right)

After that, Phi drove a motorbike to carry Tel to the middle of the Cai Be saltwater sluice, when he met Nguyen Thi Diem Trang (15 years old) and Phan Thi Ngoc Han (13 years old) who were also here enjoying the scenery.

At this time, Phi stopped the car for Tel to get off, Tel approached Trang and Han and asked to take a photo together, but the two girls did not agree. Taking advantage of Trang’s phone call, Tel immediately snatched the phone, then continued to snatch Han’s cell phone in her hand.

At this time, Tel was about to leave but was pulled back by Trang and Han. During the struggle, these two girls took out the knife hidden in Tel’s body. Afraid that Tel would be assaulted by two girls and reported to the police, Phi immediately ran to rescue Tel. After that, the two quickly ran away, took the phone home and hid it.

Receiving the news of the victim, Chau Thanh District Police quickly investigated, discovered Phi and Tel were the culprits, so they arrested and recovered the exhibits and returned them to the victim.

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