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Verify the clip of the teacher using a plastic bag to cover the head of a preschool child in Yen Bai

Recently, the social network is spreading a clip recording the image of a kindergarten teacher in Yen Bai covering a child’s head with a black plastic bag during nap time.

Specifically, the clip shares about the incident that was identified as occurring in a group of preschool classes in Bao Dap commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province.

According to the recorded clip, the classroom scene is two teachers who are coaxing young children to take a nap, but a child for unknown reasons refuses to lie down to sleep.

At that moment, a teacher went out and came back with a black plastic bag. Then, this teacher put the bag over the baby’s head and used her hand to hit the baby’s bottom.

The teacher then removed the black plastic bag and walked out of the classroom with the child above.

Immediately after the clip was posted, many people expressed frustration about this teacher’s anti-educational behavior, contrary to the teacher’s ethics.

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Image cut from clip.

Talking to VietNamNet on May 16, Mr. Pham Anh Duc, Chief of the Office of the Party Committee and Government of Tran Yen district, confirmed that the incident happened at the Bong Sen private preschool group (Nhan Nghia village, Bao Dap commune, district). Tran Yen) on May 14.

Mr. Duc said, immediately after receiving the information, the district directed Bao Dap commune to coordinate with the police agency to verify and clarify the incident that took place at the Bong Sen private preschool group.

“According to initial verification, the incident happened at noon on May 14. Because the 27-month-old baby cried and refused to sleep, she comforted him but he did not sleep, so she covered the baby’s head with a black plastic bag. At first, the teacher said the purpose of covering the head for the night, letting the baby sleep. Currently, the district has asked the authorities to investigate and clarify the incident, “said Mr. Duc.

Mr. Duc said, after having specific verification by the police about the teacher’s behavior, the authorities will give appropriate form of handling.

“Currently, according to the grasp, Bao Dap commune has invited the family of the child to work, but the family informed that when the child’s health is stable, he will work with the authorities”, Mr. Duc speak.

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