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What age is the Bach Ma Prince tree suitable for? Meaning in feng shui

Origin and characteristics of prince white horse

Prince’s white horse tree is also known as white horse tree. This is Crops belongs to the family Araceae, the scientific name is Aglaonema Pseudobracteatum and is native to Asia.

In the natural environment, the white horse prince tree has a maximum height of nearly 2m and the canopy can be 1m wide. When grown in a pot as an ornamental plant, the Prince Charming is only 30cm to 50cm tall.

la cay bach ma hoang tu co soc trang rat dac trung anh minh hoa 7f69db1beb9b48f690f934b0d3ee6730
The leaves of the white horsetail plant have a very characteristic white stripe. (Illustrated image)

In terms of characteristics, the Prince Charming is a herbaceous, bushy plant. Stems are usually white, erect. Leaves oval, large size. The tips of the leaves are pointed with many white ribbed stripes. The plant rarely flowers and the flowers bloom in clusters of yellowish-white, surrounded by white flowers.

The Prince Charming plant can grow well when grown on different types of soil. This is also trees Shade-loving, so it is very suitable when grown as an indoor ornamental or aquaponics. In conditions of ambient temperature below 13 degrees Celsius, plants also grow normally.

The effect of royal white horseradish

Not just one species feng shui treePrince Charming is also grown for decoration in the home or office. Their presence will make the space more lively and full of life.

In addition, the white horse prince is also considered an extremely effective mini “air purifier”. Trees help purify the air, absorb toxins in the environment, and make the air cleaner.

ngoai y nghia phong thuy cay bach ma hoang tu con co tac dung thanh loc khong khi rat tot anh minh hoa 7835402eb9294e2f8a3a2bd7dd007612
In addition to the feng shui meaning, the white horse prince tree also has a very good air purifying effect. (Illustrated image)

In spaces where air conditioning is often used, growing white horseradish will help balance moisture and avoid drying out the skin.

Besides, this plant also helps to regulate the amount of light thanks to the fresh green color of the leaves. After stressful working hours, looking at the white horse prince will help homeowners feel relaxed and relieve pressure.

Is Prince Charming Poisonous?

There are many effects in purifying the air, but the white horse prince is a mildly toxic plant. The most toxic on the tree is in the fruit. If you accidentally ingest the sap and latex of the tree, you can be poisoned. Only contact with leaves is not dangerous.

co ve dep thanh lich va sang trong tuy nhien cay bach ma hoang tu co chua doc to nhe anh minh hoa aa989e1bd9b44970b5d90c6dbf94677f
It looks elegant and luxurious, but it contains mild toxins. (Illustrated image)

If you have small children and pets in your family, avoid placing the white rhododendron in low places, within reach of children.

When taking care of the tree, the owner should wear gloves or use a support tool to avoid the sap from sticking to the skin, causing itchiness and inflammation.

The meaning of the prince white horse in feng shui

With elegant and luxurious beauty, the prince white horse tree also symbolizes strength and rising. The straight trunk of the tree carries the meaning of progress and convenience in work as well as in life.

With two words “white horse” in the name, the tree is likened to a mighty war horse, showing advancement.

In feng shui, the prince’s white horse tree has the meaning of an object of wealth. Planting this plant in the home or workplace will bring a lot of fortune and luck to the owner.

Which age is suitable for royal white horse? What destiny?

According to feng shui experts, the white horse prince is very suitable for those who are destined for Kim. Because par Kim has a destiny color of white, gray or silver, very similar to the characteristics of the tree.

Besides, according to the Five Elements, Kim gives birth to Thuy. Therefore, the white horse prince is also very suitable for those who are destined for Thuy.

Those who have the following birth year, if planted prince white horse will help bring a lot of luck, fortune and advancement:

Those who are destined for Kim, have the following age: Nham Than (1992), At Mui (1955), Giap Ty (1984), Quy Dau (1995), Nham Dan (1962), At Suu (1985), Canh Thin (2000), Quy Mao (1963), Tan Ty (2001), Canh Tuat (1970), Giap Ngo (1954) and Tan Hoi (1971).

Those who are destined for Thuy, have the following age: Binh Ty (1996), Quy Ty (1953), Nham Tuat (1982), Dinh Suu (1997), Binh Ngo (1966), Quy Hoi (1983), Giap Than (2004), Dinh Mui (1967), At Dau (2005), Giap Dan (1974), Nham Thin (1952) and At Mao (1975).

Where should the royal white horseradish be placed?

As a cool-loving plant and can grow in shade conditions, it can be placed in places with indirect light, even in air-conditioned spaces. It is necessary to meet the living conditions for the tree such as moist, well-drained soil.

tuy vao kich thuoc ma co the dat cay bach ma hoang tu o noi phu hop anh minh hoa 61424de176054e3bab9a1eb67fbd79d2
Depending on the size, it is possible to place the prince’s white horse in a suitable place. (Illustrated image)

The tall prince rhododendrons should be placed on the ground or in the corner of the room. Plants can be placed in front of the porch or office lobby for decoration.

With a small sized tree, it should be decorated on the desk, the tea table in the living room. If the plant is placed in a low-light environment, with an air-conditioned room, the plant should be exposed to early sunlight once a week to help the plant grow better.

How to plant and take care of the royal white horse tree

The Prince Charming is very easy to propagate, you can use the method of dust separation. In addition, the plant can also live well when grown hydroponically.

About the soil, should prepare loose soil. It is best to prepare a mixture of soil mixed with coir or rotted rice husk humus to increase plant nutrition. The pot should also drain well.

co the trong cay bach ma hoang tu bang phuong phap thuy sinh anh minh hoa a7a3a799e10840c3b27f453abe61f9e8
It is possible to grow white horseradish by the hydroponic method. (Illustrated image)

When taking care of the royal white horse, growers should not water too much, but just need to maintain soil moisture. If placing the plant in an environment such as a living room or office, it only needs to be watered 2-3 times a week.

It is a cool-loving plant, so it should not be planted in places with direct sunlight. In places where the temperature is too high, the leaves will quickly wilt and wilt.

Selling price of royal white horse in the market

According to the survey, the current selling price of royal white horse in the market is very diverse. The trees with a height of less than 30cm planted in plastic pots are quite cheap, ranging from 50,000 VND/tree to 100,000 VND/tree.

With the white horse prince planted in porcelain pots, the price is from 300,000 VND/pot to 500,000 VND/pot.

Having a higher price is the white horse prince planted in cement pots or grinding stone pots, the selling price ranges from 700,000 VND/pot to 2 million VND/pot.

Quang Dang (synthetic)

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