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What is the most reasonable price for iPhone 14 Pro?-Hi-tech fashion

Monday, May 16, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

This year, the price of the iPhone quartet will be more expensive, a real “bump” after years of maintaining a stable level.

So far, there have been many rumors about the iPhone 14 Series, including specifications, design and support features. However, the information that no iFan wants is probably their expected price – higher than their predecessors, especially the iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max pair.

How much will iPhone 14 Pro cost?

What is the most reasonable price for iPhone 14 Pro?  - first

iPhone 14 Pro will be more expensive iPhone 13″ Pro?

Earlier this month, source @Shadow_Leak posted on Twitter about the expected specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro:

• Screen: 6.06-inch OLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 2532 × 1170 pixels resolution, 460 PPI pixel density

• Processor: A16 Bionic (4nm process of TSMC)


• Internal memory: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB

• Rear camera: 48MP main camera (F / 1.3 aperture) + 12MP ultra wide angle camera + 12MP telephoto camera

• Titanium alloy frame

• Starting price with the option of 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM: 1099 USD (equivalent to 25.37 million VND)

This expected price is 100 USD (about 2.3 million VND) higher than iPhone 13 Pro last year. Therefore, the expected price of iPhone 14 Pro Max will be 1,199 USD (about 27.68 million VND). And @Shadow_Leak is not the only source making claims about the iPhone 14 Pro price increase.

However, the standard iPhone 14 will keep the same price from 799 USD (about 18.44 million VND) of the iPhone 13. But with the iPhone 14 Max replacing it. iPhone 13 minithey will cost 899 USD (about 20.75 million VND).

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Will the iPhone 14 Pro pair have more upgrades?

In fact, Apple won’t have much control. Ongoing chip shortages are driving up prices for every product – leading chipmakers like Samsung and TSMC have both raised chip prices. Phone makers like Apple either incur higher costs for parts or pass the cost on to shoppers.

If the price really increases, the iPhone 14 Pro still has enough improvements worth the money. Besides upgrading the A16 processor and improving the camera, the iPhone Pro models will be the first iPhones to ditch the “notch” since 2017, switching to “punch” and “pill” cuts.

How does Apple stabilize prices?

Apple has taken many steps to maintain its position as a manufacturer that only offers expensive products. For example, it keeps older iPhones in its lineup at lower prices for those who can’t afford a new iPhone.

Because Apple’s A-series chip offers higher performance than the “competitor”, buying an older iPhone at an affordable price and the “Apple Defect” long-term software update policy will be a great advantage for users. use. If you use your Apple Card to buy a new iPhone, you can pay off your purchase in interest-free monthly installments.

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Concept iPhone 14 Pro purple.

And like many other device makers, Apple has set up a trade-in program, which helps users reduce the cost of buying a new iPhone by selling older iPhone models.

Price outlook for iPhone 14 Series

All of those efforts — discounts on older iPhone models, interest-free installment payments, and discounts on purchases — will likely continue this fall when the iPhone 14 launches. And they will certainly help solve the cost problem of the new iPhone line whether Apple raises the price or not.

However, experts hope Apple will find a way to keep the iPhone 14 Series price at the same level as the iPhone 13 series. Of course, the company needs to profit from the hardware, but the clever iPhone 14 pricing will help it. “attract” more customers.

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