Who should not eat pickled tomato?

According to Oriental medicine, eggplant is sweet, has soldering properties, has hemolytic effects, anti-inflammatory, only system, laxative, diuretic, low toxicity treatment, except for lumps in the abdomen, tuberculosis. Oriental medicine calls eggplant as di death or fake death, pass through. It is also known as Ca Gam, Ca Cannon, and Salted Cacao. There are quite a lot of mixed opinions about eating pickled tomatoes, in fact eating pickled tomatoes can bring a number of benefits to the body.

Provides several nutrients: According to research, every 100g of eggplant provides 1.5g of protein including all the essential amino acids for the body, 12 mg of calcium, 0.7 mg of iron, 18mg of magnesium, 16mg of phosphorus, 221g of potassium, 0.3mg of zinc. It also contains copper and selenium. Some vitamins such as provitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, PP are also present in eggplant.

Eggplant contains beneficial bacteria for the digestion of food: When tomatoes are salted, fermentation occurs, beneficial bacteria help break down the bonds of some indigestible foods, as well as some natural sugars.

Help us eat better: Some substances in salted coffee help stimulate the taste buds, creating a more appetizing feeling.

Who should not eat pickled tomato?  - first

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Fiber supplements: Eggplant adds fiber to the body to limit constipation and the effects of constipation caused like hemorrhoids.

Although eggplant can cure some diseases quite well, but this fruit contains a harmful amount of toxins health when eaten improperly like solanin. This is a very dangerous toxin. Green eggplant contains much higher amount of solanin than ripe fruit. Therefore, when eating, it is necessary to be careful, choose the ripe fruit, do not eat the eggplant when it is not fully ripe.

In small levels, solanine is very toxic and can cause digestive and nervous disorders, causing headaches, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, dry throat, fever, jaundice, dilation pupils and hypothermia, hallucinations, loss of sensation.

The second is an increased risk of stomach cancer. A study evaluating 2 groups of people found that those who ate a lot of pickled foods (salted tomatoes, pickles, etc.) had a much higher rate of stomach cancer than those who rarely ate this food group.

Finally, there is the risk of high blood pressure. If you eat too much salted foods, the body has loaded a large amount of sodium, increasing the risk of high blood pressure.

Who should not eat pickled tomato?

People with peptic ulcer disease: Because salted eggplant contains many spices such as chili, salt or when fermented, they all have a negative effect on the stomach, so people with a history of this disease should eat less.

People with cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, liver disease: Salted coffee often has a lot of salt, so it is recommended to avoid using it in people with heart disease, high blood pressure or liver disease, kidney disease because salt and stimulant spices can increase the risks. influence to make the condition worse.

People with digestive disorders: Salted foods, especially pickled tomatoes, may not be able to completely eliminate disease-causing microorganisms in food, so it can cause sugar disturbances. Digestion becomes more dangerous.

Pregnant women: During pregnancy, a woman’s gastrointestinal tract becomes more sensitive, especially during morning sickness, while eggplant can become a stimulant food, increasing the feeling of fullness and sadness. vomit. Moreover, because of uncertainty about the safety of foods and additives put in salted tomato can affect pregnant women and babies in the womb. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid these foods.

Children: Because the baby’s digestive system is not yet complete, parents need to avoid giving their children fermented and unhygienic foods.

People who are sick: People who are sick should not eat salted eggplant because solanin is toxic, so people who are sick should not eat it.

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