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Woman hospitalized for mental illness because her husband’s family mistreated her and didn’t let her sleep with her husband

May 16, 2022 09:20 AM (GMT+7)

In modern society, if you do not know how to balance your life and reconcile relationships, it is easy to lead to pressure, stress, and even hospitalization for psychiatric treatment. There are even cases of having to see a psychiatrist for unexpected reasons, stemming from family relationships.

Assoc. Prof. TS.BS To Thanh Phuong, former deputy director, head of the Department of Acute Women (Central Psychiatric Hospital I) shared, he once received a case of a married woman who was hospitalized in an abusive situation. extremely pitiful situation when being treated badly by the opposing family.

The female patient named L (from Hung Yen province) when admitted to the hospital was in a state of stress, mental panic, crying and signs of psychological trauma. Immediately after the examination, Doctor Phuong gave a treatment plan. At first, the patient often cried and had trouble sleeping, it took nearly two months for the condition to improve.

According to the patient’s share, her husband is a gentle person but often has to work away from home. When her husband was on a business trip, the wife had to live with her husband’s family and was treated poorly. Specifically, although Ms. L was not physically abused, she was always despised and mentally abused by her husband’s family.

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Women often bear less pressure than men, so it is necessary to share from those around them. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

“I was really upset when even my life with my husband was controlled. Even the couple who want to “talk” to each other must ask for permission and have the consent of the husband’s family to be done. Once, when her husband returned from a business trip, the couple wanted to sleep together but couldn’t because they were influenced and prevented by the husband’s family”, Ms. L confided to the doctor.

With such a life, there are times when Ms. L wants to give up everything, but thinking about her children can’t help but accept the real life. However, the psychological and ideological pressures are getting heavier and heavier, making this woman become taciturn, quiet, stressed, and sleepless. Over time, she showed signs of mental panic, chattering, crying alone and was taken to the hospital for examination.

Doctor Phuong said that this female patient suffered from psychological trauma for a long time, along with stress and insomnia leading to depression. The main cause is disagreements and pressure in family life.

In this case, in addition to having to be treated according to the doctor’s regimen, the role of relatives is very important, because after drug treatment returns to normal life if the patient is still under pressure. Stress makes the disease easy to relapse.

According to Dr. Phuong, many factors around now cause mental disorders, including depression such as illness, life pressure, work… However, in the case of being oppressed by the husband’s family, Mistreatment to the point of psychiatric hospitalization is rare in modern society.

To limit psychological trauma as well as depression, Dr. Phuong recommends that people share their problems and sorrows, first with relatives, then with friends, even psychologists. to soon clear the mind, find a way to solve the problem. Because if the condition goes on for a long time, being suppressed for too long will cause inhibition and can lead to depression.

In addition, according to doctors, everyone should increase physical exercise, do sports, increase blood circulation to the brain, improve resistance, and prevent depression. When symptoms of prolonged insomnia, anxiety, and sadness appear, patients need to visit a psychiatrist for examination.

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