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18-year-old Hiep Ga’s daughter was praised as beautiful as a beauty queen, her school test scores were all over 8, 9

As a comedian familiar with Vietnamese audiences, Chicken Hiep is gradually returning to the stage after many ups and downs in life. Including 3 marriages, but all broke up. After each of those marriages, he also has sons and daughters and is currently the one to directly raise children.

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The male comedian’s daughter Duong Han Huyen is getting a lot of attention. She is the daughter of Hiep Ga and his first wife, currently 18 years old, attending high school in Hung Yen. Han Huyen is sometimes shared by her father on social networks and receives compliments from everyone because of her beautiful face and tall, slim figure of nearly 1m7.

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Hiep Ga’s daughter is praised for meeting the standards that a beauty queen is aiming for because not only is she beautiful, but Han Huyen also has a very good academic record at school. She studied well and was an excellent student for 10 consecutive years. In the most recent share of Hiep Ga himself, he was proud when his daughter Duong Han Huyen recently achieved excellent results in the second semester of 12th grade. Most are above 8 points and above 9 points. Only 1 point 7.75.

“DNH Huyen-12A3: Duong Han Huyen’s 2nd term final exam score is: Math 9.6 – Physics 8.75 – Chemistry 9.25 – Biology 8.25 – Literature 8.25 – History 9 – Geography 8.75 – GDCD 7.75 – English 9. Your semester exam score precious!” – Actor Hiep Ga said. Many fans and friends congratulate Han Huyen as well as Hiep Ga because the father has a beautiful and well-educated daughter. Everyone regrets that Han Huyen does not follow the art like his father.

Also in this sharing post, when someone thinks that with a score like this, Han Huyen deserves to be admitted directly to the university. At that time, the male comedian confessed “I’m already in. Just graduate.”

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It is known that in addition to studying well, Han Huyen is also the school’s art tree, actively participating in extracurricular activities at the school. She was sent to sing by her father, but he did not orient his daughter to professional art. Many directors who are friends of Hiep Ga have also offered to invite Han Huyen to participate in an art project, but the actor believes that studying is the most important thing for his daughter. Han Huyen also has a dream of becoming a student at Hanoi Medical University.

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It can be seen that, although Hiep Ga and his first wife divorced, since childhood, Han Huyen was aware of studying, living independently and obediently. Hiep Ga’s daughter is always proactive about everything in life and makes her father feel very secure. Whenever the actor has a business trip away from home for a while, Han Huyen will be the one to take care of his younger brother.

“The children also suffer many disadvantages, but my children sympathize and understand that for their father. The daughter also takes care of and helps me a lot in life, when the father is away, he stays at home to take care of the younger brother. Life is also comfortable. the roof passed like that”, the actor once said.

Hiep Ga also revealed that her daughter has many friends of the opposite sex pursuing her, even going home. However, he is always assured, accompanies his children and knows that Han Huyen will know how to solve everything on his own.

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