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7 uses of alum for health not everyone knows

What is alum?

Alum is the folk name of potassium aluminum sulphate salt, also known as Vu Crush, Tuong Thach, Tac Phan, Sinh Phan…

Alum exists in the form of crystals, has irregular size and is usually pure white or milky white.

Alum is now industrially produced by adding potassium sulfate to a concentrated solution of aluminum sulfate, and is widely used in many fields such as medicine, cosmetics, and cuisine.

1. Alum helps eliminate bad breath

Alum dissolved in water and gargling daily will help remove accumulated bacteria and reduce the smell of sweat in the mouth significantly.

Gargling with alum regularly also helps prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

Top 7 great uses of alum not everyone knows - Photo 1.

Alum helps to eliminate bad breath extremely effectively. Photo: Internet

2. Alum helps to reduce skin and mucosal ulcers

Alum has an effective antiseptic effect, so it is often used as a medicine for skin ulcers or ulcers in the oral mucosa, restoring damaged cells as well as inhibiting harmful bacteria and viruses.

3. Effective hemostasis

Many studies show that alum has many wonderful effects in stopping bleeding – especially with wounds with prolonged bleeding.

You can also use alum to sprinkle powder on the wound. In addition to the ability to stop bleeding, alum also has an antiseptic effect, so it is able to prevent infection of the cut effectively.

4. Reduces wrinkles

Alum has the effect of effectively reducing wrinkles, helping the skin to be shiny and elastic, as well as reducing the risk of wrinkles.

It is possible to combine alum with natural ingredients to prevent the aging process.

Top 7 great uses of alum not everyone knows - Photo 2.

Alum helps reduce wrinkles effectively. Photo: Internet

5. Effective body odor removal

Alum contains aluminum – a mineral that has the ability to effectively eliminate odors. But using alum can lead to dry skin, so you should only use it every 2 days to avoid peeling as well as skin irritation.

6. Reduce inflammation in the vagina

Because alum has astringent as well as antiseptic properties, alum can be used to prevent and aid in the relief of vaginal infections.

But you should only use it with moderate frequency because alum can dry out the vagina, causing discomfort.

7. Prevent Diarrhea

Alum has a hygroscopic effect, so they are often used to treat diarrhea effectively. Just mix 1 teaspoon of rock sugar with warm water, you can reduce the amount of water in the colon, effectively preventing loose stools.

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