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A couple in Hanoi were hospitalized urgently because they drank water to cool the car

According to the patient’s account, they were given 2 cans of water by an acquaintance, 1 blue, 1 red, without further instructions. Looking at the can, the couple thought it was beer and carbonated soft drinks, so they drank it during the meal.

Seeing that the water had no taste, the husband looked it up online according to the words on the can, and was shocked to know it was car engine coolant. The two hurriedly took each other to Hospital 108.

The patient was gastric lavage at the Emergency Department and transferred to the Intensive Care Center for observation. Thanks to timely detection and treatment, the two patients were discharged after 3 days.

Husband and wife in Hanoi were hospitalized urgently because they drank car coolant - 1

Image of cooling water cans, two patients thought they drank beer or soft drinks by mistake. Photo: BVCC

This is a rare situation, but according to doctors, it is necessary to warn people about the habit of carefully reading labels before use.

According to BSCKI Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang, Department of Internal Medicine and Poison Control, Intensive Care Center (Hospital 108), when eating or drinking any product, it is necessary to carefully read labels, ingredients and uses to avoid confusion. both regrettable.

In this case, the shape and color of the label is quite similar to that of beverage and beer cans, the writing on the can is entirely in English, and there is no Vietnamese sub-label (most likely hand-carried or imported goods). unofficial password) so it is easy to confuse users, especially the elderly, children and limited in foreign languages.

Scientifically, this water has the main ingredient is Ethylene glycol, a colorless, odorless, sweet liquid with cooling and anti-freezing effects used in internal combustion engines.

When entering the body, it will break down into glycolic acid and oxalic acid, causing acidosis, increased blood osmotic pressure gap, abdominal pain, vomiting, severe kidney failure, brain damage, low blood pressure and death. death.

If it is detected that the wrong cooling water is drunk, it is necessary to immediately induce vomiting, wash the stomach and quickly go to the nearest medical facility for timely monitoring and treatment. Patients should bring a can of drinking water as a basis for early diagnosis and treatment.

The Department of Internal Medicine and Poison Control, Center for Intensive Care, 108 Central Military Hospital has so far received and successfully handled many cases of alcohol poisoning, rat poison, unknown herbal medicine, and bee stings. , snake bite…

Dr. Trang recommends that each person should be careful to protect their health, not to use any product that is uncertain about its origin, nature, and uses. Manufacturers also need to have clear warnings on products, with sub-labels in Vietnamese with imported products to avoid unfortunate confusion.

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