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Admire the world’s longest suspension bridge that has just opened in Europe

05/17/2022 06:35 GMT+7

The world’s longest suspension bridge over the mountain, suspended in the sky is definitely not for the faint of heart.

After 2 years of construction, the Sky Bridge 721, the world’s longest, opened its doors recently in the Czech Republic.

Admire the world’s longest suspension bridge that has just opened in Europe
Admire the world’s longest suspension bridge just opened in Europe

The walking path crosses the mountain in the Northeastern Czech Republic, near the country’s border with Poland, suspended in the sky, below is a deep valley, providing spectacular views for visitors. Located in the Jeseniky Mountains, the bridge is covered with clouds, sometimes it looks quite scary.

Victoria Fellner, an Austrian tourist, said that the first feeling when she arrived here was quite dizzy, but this fear subsided when she admired the surrounding landscape.

Victoria Fellner said: “I was afraid that the suspension bridge would swing a lot when crossing, but it really wasn’t what I expected. The landscape here is very impressive. Luckily I am not afraid of heights.”

The bridge’s name comes from its actual length. This makes it the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

The Sky Bridge 721 is 721 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, and hangs 95 meters above the bottom of the valley below. To access the bridge, visitors can go by cable car, then experience walking across the bridge.

Admire the world's longest suspension bridge that has just opened in Europe

The suspension bridge is open to visitors of all ages and heights but is not suitable for those in wheelchairs or strollers. Because the bridge is very narrow, traffic on the bridge only flows in one direction. People who cross the suspension bridge can clearly feel the shaking caused by the wind.

Scheepens, 59, from the Netherlands, one of the first visitors, said he felt the bridge shake, quite scared if you are not able to withstand heights.

For safety purposes, the pedestrian bridge will close if the wind reaches 135 km/h and the maximum capacity is 500 people at a time. However, for the first two weeks since opening, management limited it to a maximum of 250 people at a time.

Thrill seekers who want to experience the bridge crossing must purchase tickets online in advance. Adult ticket price is about 14.7 USD. Officials hope the record bridge will attract more tourists to the area.

The 721 Sky Bridge is 154 meters longer than the Guinness World Record holder suspension bridge in Gandaki province, Nepal.

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