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After July 31, the BOT station will have to be “discharged” if there is no automatic toll collection without stopping

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh said that in the past time, the implementation was still confusing, not thorough, not synchronized, lack of connectivity, leading to the risk of not ensuring the operation progress of the ETC system – Photo VGP/Germany Obey

Tagged on 65% of vehicles

Deployment Electronic toll collection does not stop This is the right policy, which has been directed by the Prime Minister since 2017. Up to now, basically toll stations across the country have installed and operated a non-stop toll collection system.

According to the report of the Ministry of Transport, up to now, 113 toll stations nationwide have put into operation the non-stop electronic toll collection system; in which the Ministry of Transport manages 69 stations, the locality manages 44 stations. Some stations do not deploy or delay the implementation of non-stop toll collection due to specific characteristics (stations with short toll collection times, stations with too low traffic to install ETC inefficiently, stations are Inadequate toll collection must be suspended), the Ministry of Transport reported and approved the policy by the Prime Minister.

According to the Ministry of Transport, there are 102 lanes/23 toll stations that need to continue to install the remaining toll lanes to ensure that all toll stations maintain only 1 mixed toll collection lane in each direction (of which 38 toll collection lanes are available). lanes/13 stations by the competent authority of the Ministry of Transport and 64 lanes of 10 stations by the local competent state agencies). The Ministry of Transport and localities have made drastic plans and directions to ensure the installation and operation of the remaining toll lanes as required.

The number of vehicles participating in tagging in recent years has increased very positively, from about 1 million vehicles in October 2021 to this time, there are about 3 million vehicles participating in the service (accounting for more than 65% of the total number of vehicles). number of vehicles nationwide). The Ministry of Transport has set a goal to strive for in 2022, the number of vehicles with tags will reach 80-90%.

Regarding the piloting of non-stop toll collection for all lanes at the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway project, up to now, the traffic organization plan, the plan to handle incident situations serving the pilot work. only collect non-stop tolls that have been agreed by the parties; Scheduled to start from June 1, 2022.

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam has coordinated with the Traffic Police Department, the project investor to review and complete the entire system of signs and remote instructions, as well as add balance warning feature. account for vehicles before entering the expressway to prevent ineligible vehicles from mistakenly entering the expressway. For vehicles that are not eligible but mistakenly enter the expressway, there will be a department to assist vehicle owners to turn around or organize card stamping at toll booths, the time to paste the card is no more than 15 minutes. Ensure not to cause unsafety and traffic jams at toll stations.

Grouping to handle problems and inadequacies at BOT projects

Regarding handling problems and inadequacies in some BOT projects, the Ministry of Transport said that by the end of 2021, the whole country has mobilized about 706,000 billion VND to invest in 222 transport infrastructure projects under the mode of public partnership. in which investment projects in the form of BOT account for about 53.6% (119 projects with a total capital of more than 388,000 billion VND).

After July 31, the BOT station will have to be

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The spoke at the meeting – Photo VGP/Duc Tuan

After being completed and put into operation, investment projects under the PPP method have brought into full play their effectiveness, creating a driving force for socio-economic development, creating favorable traffic conditions, and reducing congestion. , reduce traffic accidents, increase competitiveness for the economy.

However, in the implementation process, certain shortcomings and problems arise. At the meeting, the Ministry of Transport proposed solutions for 7 projects according to groups of causes. In these projects, investors have fulfilled their obligations under the project contract, put the works into operation and promoted investment efficiency. The fee has not been collected or the fee has been collected but the revenue has decreased mainly due to objective and unpredictable reasons (such as force majeure events) or changes in legal policies from the agency. state agency.

Having to work day and night, whoever is late should review the responsibility

Appreciating the efforts of the Ministry of Transport and localities in implementing non-stop toll collection to replace manual toll collection, the Deputy Prime Minister said that in the past 7 months, from 1 million vehicles with ETC cards, to now. having nearly 3 million vehicles, accounting for more than 65% of vehicles nationwide, is a positive change.

After July 31, the BOT station will have to be

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh: Must work day and night with a fierce spirit, those who are slow should review their responsibilities – Photo VGP/Duc Tuan

However, in the past time, the implementation is still confusing, not thorough, not synchronized, lack of connectivity, leading to the risk of not ensuring the operation progress of the ETC system on all toll lanes as directed by the Government. Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (completed in June 2022).

In addition, the non-stop toll collection process also experienced problems with the ETC system, leading to prolonged traffic jams, causing people to wait for hours, such as a broken cable on the route. Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway last month. “Strictly learn from experience, handle it in accordance with current regulations, do not let congestion last longer than the specified time at toll stations. If encountering a similar situation, investors must discharge stations, ensure to preserve circulation for the people,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that the Vietnam Expressway Development Investment Corporation (VEC) must be more drastic in speeding up the implementation of the ETC system in highway projects managed by VEC; seriously handle responsibilities, collectives and individuals, if they slow down the progress according to the direction of the Government, “must work day and night with a drastic spirit, whoever is late should review their responsibilities”. The Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises and the Ministry of Transport are responsible for urging VEC to urgently handle problems, speeding up the implementation of non-stop toll collection on expressways, closely following the set progress milestones. out and synchronized with the nationwide non-stop toll collection system.

Regarding the piloting of only toll collection without stopping on the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway from June 1, the Deputy Prime Minister said that this is a difficult but definitely must do, without delaying the deadline. The Ministry of Transport and the investor must carefully prepare plans when there is a situation where the vehicle has not yet been affixed with the ETC card, to ensure that there is no congestion beyond the prescribed time.

New expressways will of course have to apply non-stop toll collection at all toll stations.

“After July 31, if any project has not been completed, collecting tolls without stopping will have to “discharge the station, there will be sanctions to handle collective and individual responsibility for causing delay”, the Deputy Prime Minister stated. ETC stations must also actively “discharge stations” in time if problems occur.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda and support the means of sticking cards to participate in the service to maximize the system’s efficiency. Non-stop automatic toll collection is a task approved by the National Assembly, the Government with resolutions, and the Prime Minister regularly directs and urges the Ministry of Transport to implement in recent years to ensure publicity, transparency, and prevention. anti-corruption, increasing convenience for the people, gaining public consensus and positive response. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to explain, guide and encourage people to stick their cards to implement non-stop toll collection smoothly across the country.

Regarding ineffective BOT projects, the Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to collect opinions of ministries and agencies at the meeting, review and classify them into groups to propose solutions to handle problems. inadequacies in BOT projects; report to the Prime Minister for handling according to its competence.

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